Training & Development Solutions to Drive Productivity, Performance, and Growth


Why Training & Development Matters

The growth of an organization depends on its most critical asset–its People or Employees. People in the right positions can drive an organization toward great heights. That's why investing in employee training & development is not an expense, it’s an investment.

For example, KPMG, a reputed Big 4 firm, provided gamified skill development training to some employees. They won 16% more clients and generated 36% more revenue-generating fees. Another report by Coursera says that approximately 94% of employees expressed their desire to stay with an organization if it invested in upskilling them.

When business dynamics are constantly evolving, organizations must adapt to new ways of thinking. They need to train people to master new skills to take advantage of new opportunities. However, designing a suitable training program is easier said than done. We can create tailored training programs based on competency gap analysis, enabling your employees to acquire the required skills quickly so that they can contribute more productively.

Our Unique Consultative Approach

We follow a highly scientific ADDIE training development framework that has been designed to identify skill gaps, understand learning needs, and impart training in a structured way. This ensures all learning and training activities are directed towards achieving a unified goal. It enables us to offer an integrated approach to learning and have a high ROI on your training investment.

Assess And Analyze

Analyze competency gaps and proficiency levels of employees and teams to decode the organization's training & development needs.


Define measurable training objectives & goals that sync well with stakeholders & learning interventions required at a high level.


Develop instructional strategies, content, real-time case studies, projects, activities & assignments to impart training.


Plan training-related logistics and allocate necessary resources for successful training delivery.


Check learners' understanding and grasp of concepts through various assessments and evaluation processes to understand how well they imbibe training.

Our Training Delivery Options

Instructor-led Training (ILT)/ Classroom

In the ILT mode, we provide a trainer or instructor delivering content in a classroom or physical setting. This is suitable for specific project needs where the high complexity level demands face-to-face interaction.

VILT/ Online Training

Similar to ILT, we deliver the training through a virtual platform such as video conferencing, providing flexibility and accessibility. This mode is suitable for clients with a presence in multiple geographies.

On-demand/ Off-the-shelf

Learners can access pre-built, self-paced, readily available training modules anytime.

Blended Learning

We provide a combination of different training methods, if required, such as ILT, VILT, and on-demand/off-the-shelf training, to create a tailored learning experience based on specific needs.

Training Solutions to Meet All Needs

Our Training Delivery Formats

Dedicated Batches

Our dedicated batches are ideal to meet the specific needs of the project at hand. You can choose either ILT or VILT mode for training and schedule it at your convenience. The content is tailor-made to include real-time projects, assignments, assessments, and other materials specific to your project needs. This approach ensures that your employees receive relevant and practical training, helping them perform better on the job.


Our team-based training delivery model is ideal for organizations looking to develop competency-specific capabilities within the business unit or a team. This fosters higher productivity, collaboration, and teamwork within teams.

Public Batches

Our public batches allow learners to benefit from different experiences and perspectives and provide an opportunity for networking with each other. It fosters a collaborative and interactive learning environment; our programs help learners enhance their skills to meet their needs and goals.

Master Programs

The master training programs aim to help freshers and professionals advance their IT careers. It imparts learners the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to succeed in the IT industry. The training program is tailored to meet these needs, ensuring learners are fully equipped to excel in their careers.

Radiant’s Unique Advantages

Customized Learning Pathways

Our learning programs are highly flexible and can be customized to meet your organization's and employees' needs. We work closely with you to design learning pathways that align with your organizational goals, ensuring that your team gets the most out of their training.

Multiple Delivery Models

Tailored to client's needs, we offer diverse training modalities: ILT/VILT for engagement, blended approach for flexibility, microlearning for efficiency, social learning for collaboration, and localization for cultural alignment.

Broad Range of Training Programs

With a catalog spanning 4000+ IT training programs, we empower learners with skills essential for navigating emerging technologies and trends. Our focus is on equipping them with the skills and expertise required for long-term success.

Experienced L&D Consultants with Industry Experience

We have a rich team of certified and experienced L&D Consultants with a wealth of industry experience who really understand industry needs, learning processes, systems and can devise strategies with their overarching business objectives.

Scientifically Designed Programs

Our learning and training delivery is based on scientifically created assessment tests that help us know the skills gap in your employee pool. This helps us design custom learning programs.

Focus on Practical Training

Our emphasis is always on hands-on engagement and practical application, we deploy proven strategies aimed at enhancing employee performance. We always adopt proven actionable training methodologies to drive employee performance.

Global Expertise

With Radiant, you can access training courses designed by top Ivy League universities, including MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. These courses have been designed and prepared by world class faculty and allow learners to acquire knowledge and skills from some of the best educational institutions in the world.

Industry Certifications

Our training programs help individuals earn industry certifications from top vendors including Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Google, and more, helping them enhance their professional credibility, improve job prospects, and increase earning potential.