Looking For an E-Learning Content Development Partner?

Custom e-learning content that is tailored to your specific training needs.


Custom Content Development

Over the years, organizations' training and learning needs have significantly changed. L&D programs need to be focused on continuous learning, catering to the specific training needs of organizations.That’s why developing relevant content that meets the requirements and ensures maximum knowledge retention and business impact is essential. Our custom learning solutions align the content to your specific requirements, culture, and processes. By taking a customized approach, you can work with familiar content, create new content, and adapt it to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Our Custom Content And eLearning Development Approach

Comprehensive Need Analysis

The custom content development approach thoroughly analyzes the organization's and learners' needs to define the optimal solution.


Design Course Content

Course content is designed, including visual storyboarding and scripting, to ensure that it aligns with the learning objectives and meets the needs of the learners.


Develop Interactive Courses

Interactive courses are developed with images, audio, and animation to make the learning process dynamic and immersive. This boosts engagement and enhances the learning experience.


Deliver Engaging Custom Courses

The final step is to deliver engaging and custom eLearning courses that cater to the diverse learning needs of the organization's employees. This ensures that the training is effective and positively impacts the organization's performance.


Why Custom Content Development


Custom content is designed with the organization's industry, culture, and challenges in mind, ensuring relevance and resonating with learners. This makes the learning experience more meaningful.


Interactive elements like quizzes, simulations, and branching scenarios can be incorporated in custom content, boosting engagement and making the learning process dynamic and immersive.


Custom content is flexible and scalable, allowing it to be adapted and updated as per changing requirements. This ensures that the training remains up-to-date and aligned with the latest industry trends.

Diverse Learning Styles

Custom content can be designed to cater to diverse learning styles, addressing the different preferences of learners. This ensures that every individual gets the most out of the training.

Types of Elearning Content Development

At Radiant, custom eLearning content creation for corporates is our forte to meet their business goals and learning context.

eLearning Content For All Levels

Basic Content Presentation

Prepare simple modules with straightforward content presentation. Typically involves text-based information, images, and basic navigation.

Interactive Elements

At this stage, we add interactivity with features like clickable elements, simple quizzes, or basic animations so that users can engage with the content through interactive components.

Scenario-Based Learning

In the third stage, we introduce more complex scenarios or case studies to help learners apply knowledge in realistic situations, enhancing problem-solving skills.

Simulation and Gamification

This is the most complex stage, where realistic simulations and gamified elements are added to enhance immersive experiences for learners.

Advanced Technology Integration

Offers highly immersive and personalized learning experiences, often suitable for specialized or virtual on-the-job technical training.