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Why On-Demand Courses

At Radiant Tech Learning, we offer various courses catering to the training needs of industries. Our on-demand courses are self-paced training that lets you learn new skills anytime, anywhere. Radiant's on-demand courses are ideal solutions for enterprises and businesses seeking to upskill their workforce to enhance productivity and performance.

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On-Demand Courses We Offer

IT Training

Radiant is at the forefront of the IT landscape with its high-quality training and self-paced IT training courses in emerging technologies, such as Data Science, Analytics, cloud computing, programming, networking, and cybersecurity. Train your teams for the most popular IT certifications. Here are some salient features:

  • Risk-free Hands-on practical training in virtual practice labs to hone skills
  • Cybersecurity courses to help businesses strengthen data security
  • Training videos and popular IT certifications from leading vendors like CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, EC-Council, AWS, Security, Red Hat, and Google Training courses
  • Enhance risk management, control, and governance processes.
  • IT training courses created by industry professionals
  • Live virtual labs master your skills on AWS, Azure, GCP & Coding
  • Manage, track, and monitor the team’s progress

Business & Soft Skills

We offer a wide range of business courses that equip you with comprehensive skills and resources, enabling self-paced learning from any global location. Our courses have been designed to enhance your accomplishments, management proficiency, work productivity, soft skills, personality, business communication, and more. Additionally, we have plenty of courses on workplace ethics, belonging, well-being, colleagueship, diversity, equity, inclusion, and more to build a sensitive workplace. Some of the salient features include.

  • 9000 + courses on soft skills designed to improve performance and skills,
  • 4000+ hours of e-learning content
  • Presenting content in a storytelling way to make learning fun.
  • Video-based learning to get the message across much faster
  • High-quality animation and interactive to make learning engaging Subtitles, text alternatives for media, and alternative text for screen readers.
  • Courses in 9+languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English

Leadership & Management

Our course on Leadership & Management has been designed to support developing leaders. It includes courses in problem-solving, delegation, conflict resolution, team building, coaching and mentoring, work management, decision-making, developing a growth mindset, and others. We have prepared these courses with top experts to improve people's cross-functional skills.

  • 500+ Courses on leadership development & management
  • Courses prepared in consultation with academic and professional experts are designed, developed, and validated based on academic and professional research.
  • Thrust on practical application so that learners can apply the concepts in real-world
  • Highly engaging animation to help learners in retention of content

Sales & Enablement

Our sales & enablement courses have been tailored for sales & customer teams to equip them with product knowledge, prospect research, sales processes, cold calling, lead generation, sales techniques, complex negotiations, cold calling, and lead generation, to grab customers’ attention, ensuring your sales team is well-prepared to drive growth.

  • 200+ courses for soft skills like active listening, negotiations, and prospect research
  • 150+ courses for hard skills like coaching sales reps like a sales funnel, giving a demo
  • Expert-led content for role-specific training
  • Compelling content to help improve the skills of your experienced front-line staff
  • Self-paced courses tailored to specific roles
  • Supporting materials before or after training sessions.
  • Expert-led content designed to help you achieve customer service excellence at scale


Access a diverse range of online finance courses curated in collaboration with leading global banks and financial institutions. Our BFSI e-learning courses can give you the much-needed headstart by offering courses for all job roles—from accounting, corporate finance, banking operations, private equity, financial products, wealth management, capital market, and insurance to risk management and mergers & acquisitions. Some of the key features:

  • 50+CPD courses
  • Micro degrees available in 33+ topics
  • 1500+ hours of training videos
  • Courses for beginners, working professionals, advanced,
  • Instructors from Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan, and Standard & Chartered

HR Transformation

Talent management is critical to lasting business success. Radiant's on-demand HR transformation courses will equip you with the advanced HR skills necessary to survive in the ever-evolving, dynamic business era. Our HR transformation courses cover every aspect of HR management in companies, including hiring and recruitment, onboarding, performance management, HR compliance, employee onboarding, and employee retention.

  • 300+ courses comprising role-specific courses
  • 330+ hours of video content for transforming HR team
  • Case studies and assignments to help practice new skills
  • Huge HR resource library for practical on-the-job support for members
  • Case study and assignment to help learners apply their learnings in a simulated scenario
  • Courses prepared by working HR professionals with rich industry experience
  • Quizzes and exam tests for continuous evaluation

Domain Specific Courses

At Radiant Tech Learning, industry-specific training is essential to stay relevant and competitive in today's business environment. We offer cutting-edge, domain-specific online courses in oil & gas, aviation, automotive, mining, construction, healthcare, retail, electrical and mechanical engineering, and more.

  • 250+ high-end training courses prepared by industry experts
  • Industry-oriented course design
  • 150 courses on healthcare safety
  • 68+ courses on well-being and mental health
  • 25+courses on discrimination & harassment at the workplace
  • 200 + hours of learning material from the world’s top experts
  • Updated to current regulations
  • Multilingual options


We offer courses tailored for various industries, our programs cover essential safety protocols, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices. With user-friendly content and interactive modules, participants gain practical knowledge for real-world applications. Whether you're a professional seeking certification or an organization ensuring compliance, our courses are designed to meet your safety and regulatory training needs. Some of the salient features of our courses:

  • 150 courses on healthcare safety
  • 68+ courses on well-being and mental health
  • 25+courses on discrimination & harassment at the workplace
  • 200+ hours of learning material from the world’s top experts
  • Updated to current regulations
  • Multilingual options


Flexibility and Convenience

Tailor your learning schedule to fit your lifestyle, allowing you to acquire new skills at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

Unlock a world of knowledge with our diverse self-paced e-learning course offerings, catering to various interests and professional needs.

Blended Approach

Our courses combine both classroom or on-field training programs, creating a blended learning experience that can enhance the overall effectiveness of the training.

Expert-Led Content

Our on-demand courses feature expert instructors and meticulously curated content to elevate overall workforce skills.

Global Accessibility

Our on-demand courses go beyond borders, enabling learners from across the globe to acquire skills.