Practice real-world skills through hands-on labs anywhere, anytime

Sharpen your IT skills online with hands-on tools and software to gain practical experience to meet real workplace challenges.


What is Remote Labs

Remote Labs allows learners to gain live labs to practice the IT skills they learn. Our Remote Labs are aligned with the certifications offered by the world’s leading vendors, like Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, CISCO, CompTIA, AWS, and more. It’s similar to a “Virtual Live Internship”.

Remote Labs Unique Advantages

  • Sharpen skills without risk Enables your IT employees to practice new IT skills on live equipment without putting business-critical systems at risk.
  • Best-in-class live virtual labs Remote Labs provides best-in-class Live Practice Labs and Exam Preps that can easily align with your course content, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Your own “virtual IT internship” Remote Labs is akin to a "virtual IT internship" for your students, giving them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and develop their skills in a real-world environment.
  • 350+ virtual labs We offer over 350 virtual labs and exam preparation course titles. This covers critical industry-oriented topics from leading vendors like CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware.
  • 24/7 support Our platform provides 24/7 access via web browser or through LTI integration with your learning management system, giving students the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Live IT environment, no simulation Remote Labs are real, providing learners with live IT equipment experience. It’s not a simulation, providing an authentic and practical learning experience.

Why Remote Labs

One of the major problems in IT training is the lack of hands-on experience. Learners often learn the theory but find it difficult to apply it in real-world scenarios. This creates a gap between their knowledge and practical skills, which can be a barrier to their success in the IT industry.

The Remote Labs platform addresses this problem by enabling learners to hone their IT skills in real-world situations. Radiant's Remote Labs offers live virtual lab environments that are designed to align with certifications from the most prominent IT vendors in the world, including Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, Linux, and VMware, to name a few. This allows users to gain practical, hands-on, which is essential for meeting the challenges of the modern workplace. Our unique value proposition, "test your learning," reinforces learning by allowing users to practice and learn from their mistakes within a live-lab environment.

These are the most coveted certifications for on-demand job roles for individual professionals, helping you showcase your latest practical skills to future employers.


Device availability

Various lab devices are accessible for experimentation and analysis to gain practical hands-on experience.

Practice exercises

Step-by-step practice exercises to complete for hands-on learning.

Split-screen platform

Allows learners to digest instructions and perform tasks simultaneously.

Comprehensive assessment

Assessment of learning progress through multiple-choice questions.

Assessment tools

Screenshot assessment tools to evaluate practical skills.

Our Key Differentiators

Live platform, no simulations

Provides access to real hardware and software for a more realistic and practical learning experience instead of relying on simulated or virtual environments.

Robust integration capability

Integrates seamlessly with other learning tools, allowing learners to access resources and tools to enhance their learning experience.

In-depth reporting and evaluations

Provides standardized reporting and evaluations, making it easier for learners to track their progress objectively and measure performance against established benchmarks.


Supports a wide range of IT vendors and technologies, enabling employees to choose the tools and technologies that best suit their needs, irrespective of the vendor.

Localization options

Allows to customize or localize the platform to suit specific requirements or organizational needs is an option available to users.

Broad range of IT topics

Covers a comprehensive range of IT topics at different levels, from fundamental to advanced, providing users with a diverse range of learning opportunities to choose from.

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