Build a High-Performance Team With 360-Degree Assessment Solutions

Enhance overall workforce productivity and performance with our proprietary assessment solutions to help you identify skill gaps in your workforce, discover hidden potential, and design a suitable learning path.

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Driving Business Success With Employee Skill Assessments

Assessing a candidate's aptitude helps determine their ability to quickly comprehend the job requirements, learn efficiently, and solve problems in various situations. According to the World Economic Forum Report, a massive increase in technology-related skill jobs will continue for years, making skill assessment tests all the more valuable for companies seeking growth. Unfortunately, most assessment solutions offered today, like psychometric tests, capability testing, behavioral tests, and core skill testing, are unidimensional. They don't provide a holistic idea. Recognizing this gap, Radiant offers a proprietary assessment methodology using 1100+ parameters to give a 360-degree insight into employees' skills. Our assessment tests have been designed to dive into skills to understand competency gaps to design a suitable training program for them.

Organizations need a granular, up-to-date understanding of employees' skills and skill gaps to thrive, especially in times of disruption.

–McKinsey Research

All-in-One Assessment Services to Fit Every Need

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding different providers for different assessment tests, you get it all under one roof.

Psychometric Tests

Candidates are beyond resumes. Radiant's psychometric assessment tests help recruiting managers hire the right people with the right attitude.

Behavioral Tests

Struggling to fill the open role? Our behavioral assessment tests can detect behavioral competencies required to succeed in the workplace.

Workforce Capability Tests

Core skills are of utmost importance. At Radiant, we can assess the core competencies of your employees to understand their technical expertise.

Communication Skill Assessment

Evaluate candidates' written and verbal communication skills to ensure interaction and collaboration.

Online Proctored Assessment

Our proctored online assessment solution has been designed to ensure the integrity of remote assessment tests. Conduct accurate and reliable assessments anytime, anywhere.

Cognitive Intelligence Tests

Assess people's critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Understand the candidate's ability to handle stress and other personality attributes to build high EQ teams.

Emotional Intelligence Tests

They provide deep insight into a candidate's personality, enabling prospective managers to evaluate how well the candidate would fit into their team.

Aptitude Test

Our aptitude tests use Personal Profile Analysis that highlights an individual's strengths, preferred communication, and working styles. This information can be used in a team to build better working relationships and communication.

Why choose Us

Assessment Library

The Assessment Library is a vast collection of tests covering various areas, including leadership competencies, critical thinking, behavior, technical skills, and sales ability.


360-degree Solution

With the 360-degree room Scan feature, remote proctoring is made possible by capturing a complete 360-degree view of the candidate's surroundings, which allows for the detection of any malpractice during the process.


customized assessments

Our customized assessments offer candidates a comparative study of their strengths and areas for improvement while also enabling organizations or academic institutions to evaluate them more effectively.



We offer industry-specific assessment tests for retail, BPO, BFSI, IT, pharma, and hospitality, ensuring our clients can evaluate candidates accurately and efficiently. Our industry-specific assessment tests help organizations identify the right talent for specific job roles in a timely and cost-effective manner.



Predictive science-based talent assessment solutions

Our assessment solutions use scientific methods to predict the candidate's performance in the job role.

100% customizable
video interview

Our video interview solution can be customized to your organization's requirements, allowing you to evaluate candidates based on your needs.

Test 200+ IT

Our IT skills test assesses technical proficiency in over 200 categories to ensure candidates possess the required technical skills for the job role.

Linguistic ability

Our linguistic ability test evaluates language skills for multilingual job requirements, aiding in selecting candidates who can effectively communicate in multiple languages.

Behavioral group

Our behavioral group test has over 10 behavior categories for cultural fit analysis, helping organizations identify candidates who fit their culture well.

Advanced report with detailed feedback

Our advanced reporting provides detailed feedback on each candidate's performance, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions based on objective data.