Degree/Pursuing in Engineering(Computer/IT) or Computer science or a related field

Learning Objective

This training program will help students to understand the fundamentals of software testing, including software testing objectives, processes, criteria, stratagies and methods & Tools. Analysis of various testing methodologies and procedure to design test cases.

Content Outline

What is Testing?
Why is Testing Necessary?
Seven Testing Principles
Test Process
The Psychology of Testing

Software Development Lifecycle Models
Test Levels
Test Types

Static Testing Basics
Review Process

Categories of Test Techniques
Black-Box Test Techniques
White-Box Test Techniques
Experience-based Testing Techniques

Test Design
Test Implementation
Ecalutating Exit Crieteria and Reporting
Test Closure Activities

Test Planning and Estimation
Test Monitoring and Control
Risks and Testing

Defect Lifecycle
Defect Report Fields
Defect Classification
Root Cause Analysis

Test Tool Considerations
Effective use of tools
Azure Devops

Scope of API Testing
Tools for API Testing

Introduction of DB Testing
Importance of Database testing and Database Test Scenarios
Types of Database
SQL fundamentals and commands
Creating tables and writing SQL queries
Subquery/Nested Query
SQL Joins
Scope of DB Testing

Introduction of Performance Testing
Scope of Performance Testing
Tools for Performane Testing

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  • Enroll
    • Learning Format: ILT
    • Duration: 80 Hours
    • Training Level : Beginner
    • Jan 29th : 8:00 - 10:00 AM (Weekend Batch)
    • Price : INR 25000
    • Learning Format: VILT
    • Duration: 50 Hours
    • Training Level : Beginner
    • Validity Period : 3 Months
    • Price : INR 6000
    • Learning Format: Blended Learning (Highly Interactive Self-Paced Courses +Practice Lab+VILT+Career Assistance)
    • Duration: 160 Hours 50 Hours Self-paced courses+80 Hours of Boot Camp+20 Hours of Interview Assisstance
    • Training Level : Beginner
    • Validity Period : 6 Months
    • Jan 29th : 8:00 - 10:00 AM (Weekend Batch)
    • Price : INR 6000

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