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1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence sometimes referred to as Machine Intelligence is the intelligence of the machines similar to the intelligence of the human beings. This is the definition of Artificial Intelligence in basic language, however the technical definitions mention in the leading textbooks of AI is that AI is a study of any device that reads the surrounding and acts accordingly resulting in maximized successful goals. The term Artificial Intelligence is referred to any device that is inhuman, say for example computers. Since the invention of e-gadgets our life has become very relaxed. We are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence. The device on which you are reading this article is also Artificial Intelligence. Even hospitals use Artificial Intelligence to interpret inner images of the patient’s body. Computer is another Artificial Intelligence that rules our life as it is much more accurate than the humans. Sophia by Hanson Robots is a mind-reading wearable, and citizen robot is a big indication that Artificial Intelligence would become sought after technology in 2020.

2. Internet Of Things

IOT is the short form of Internet Of Things. It eases the lives of the human. Internet Of Things is a technology that helps the other technologies to achieve accuracy and complete 100 % capability. It is expected that more than 30 billion devices will be connected with IOT by 2020. It is predicted that IOT will spend up to 6 trillion dollars by 2021. IOT minimizes the human efforts as it connects many devices with each other. A system in which all these things are interconnected is a more secure and efficient system.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a model which is responsible to enable on-demand network access to configurable computing resources that can be released rapidly. You can access technology services such as computing power storage as well as data bases on an as-needed basis from a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services. Each and every sizes of organizations use cloud computing for data backup, email, virtual desktops, recovery and many more. Through Cloud Computing you can deploy technology services in a realtime. Cloud is a scalable, robust and cost effective platform which is one of the main reasons why each organization need cloud services to keep up their day to day business activities. Multi-cloud has been launched in 2019 for the users and has shown great impact therefore it is expected that it’s growth will be enhanced in 2020 as most of the organizations use multi-cloud service. According to the recent report by ESG Reseach, it is estimated that 1/3rd of the cloud workloads will utilize containers in 2020. As projected by 451 Research it has been expected that the market size of application container technologies might reach up to $4.3 billion by 2022 as more businesses will view containers as a fundamental part of their IT strategy.

4. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

The short form of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality is AR & VR respectively. They are collectively known as XR i.e., Extended Reality. The first experience with VR & AR of each and every individual are gaming and entertainment. The VR stimulates a virtual environment to work in dangerous surrounding with expensive, easily damaged tools and equipment, without any risks. On the other hand AR helps to relay essential information to the users about what is happening in front of them. Virtual reality or VR is used in various famous gaming trends such Pokemon Go, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and PubG in recent years. VR is also used to treat phobias and anxiety disorders by the use of biosensors that monitors the heart rates and perspirations of the patient. VR also helps to treat autism by developing social and communicative skills and also helps to diagnose visual or cognitive impairments by the monitoring their eye movement. The surgeons rely on AR to prevent risks and hazards while they are working in hazardous environment. The potential uses for these technologies in healthcare industry further suggests that XR will have a great impact in 2020 due to the transition from trials and pilots into general use.

5. Automation

The most common and trendy forms of automation are robots, drones, autonomous vehicles or ships, and appliances. The automation exploits Artificial Intelligence to deliver advanced behaviors that interact more naturally with their surroundings and with people. Last year it was reported by a third of businesses about the cyber security breaches. The biggest data breaches are a result of compromised codes. Automation serves business organizations to monitor the vulnerabilities and breaches without the help of developers. Therefore it is expected that Automation is on its path to become the new tech trend in 2020.

6. Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the top 10 technology in 2020 as it serves as a digital data storage distributed and decentralized ledger to store data of monetary transactions. Blockchain serves to make calculated investments which helps to make smarter decisions in investing and trading. Various big industry sectors apart from the banking industry can be affected by Blockchain such as supermarkets, healthcare, government and the public, media and entertainment and many more. Transactions are secure, private and efficient which makes Blockchain a go to technology for every organization. Blockchain also serves a secure voting. Voting via blockchain is considered to be absolutely secure and prevent frauds and tamper as each and every vote is stored in the block of the chain. The blockchain is quite accurate thereby reducing the human involvement. This serves the good reason for this technology being absolutely cost-efficient.

7. Big Data

Big data has been a big hype in 2019 last year as it served as a life saver technology for corporate companies. Big Data Technology is a Software-Utility field to analyze as well as extract from data sets that are too complex to be dealt with traditional data processing software. It was predicted by SNS Research that combined revenue from big data related hardware, software, and professional services would fetch vendors over $57 billion by the end of 2017. However, it will leap beyond $76 billion at a CAGR of 10 percent in 2020. According to IDC revenues from big data and business analytics will surpass $210 billion at a CAGR of 11.9% in two years. The big data market will boost a size of $123.2 billion by 2025 as reported by Grand View Research. Big Data is a cost efficient technology that identifies and eliminates invoice-processing errors and automated service schedules. This is why many companies are relied on Big Data.

8. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that includes abstruse statistical techniques that enable machines to improve at tasks with experience. Machine learning is a computer science course which includes algorithms, mathematics and statistics. Computers use machine learning to perform task with instructions. The corporate companies will be benefiting from Machine Learning/Deep Learning’s real-time financial applications such as fraud/anomaly detection, self-auditing systems and suggestions based on past orders/transactions in 2020. Machine Learning is widely adopted by companies creating handsome demand of employment for the professionals. It is expected that by 2022, the machine learning market will grow up to 8.81 billion dollars.

9. Cyber Security

More than half of the world’s population uses internet in their daily life as Internet has become a part of their lives. However they are almost ignorant about the cyber security threats they might encounter. Big organizations like ebay, AOL , Adobe and Evernote have gone through major cyber breaches though they have a lot of security measures taken to protect the data that they contain. Cyber Security helps prevent cyber attacks, data breaches, identity thefts and can aid in risk management. After the evolvement of 5G and IoT we have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. The weak link in 5G’s security is communication between devices connected to the internet. By 2021, the number of internet-connected devices will grow from 14.2 billion to 25 billion according to Gartner. Therefore governments, telecoms companies and technology groups will all be establishing security standards for 5G and the Internet of Things in the year 2020. As the draft Personal Data Protection Bill has been passed by the cabinet, the data privacy will be the main focus of the organizations as they will invest in aligning their infrastructure to the requirements in the Personal Data Protection Bill to gain business edge and avoid penalties.

10. Edge ComputingM/strong>

With the evolvement of Edge Computing, it is quite clear that 2020 will see a big impact of the technology. Edge Computing helps to meet present and future AI demands, avoid network latency and permits quicker responses. Due to its reduced latency Edge Computing has been become a sought after technology. The Edge Computing reduces the efficient latency through near real-time processing of stream data. High frequency data also ensures that only the relevant data is passed on across platforms. This saves transmission and storage cost. Edge computing enables data analysis without any delay. Today the public cloud is unrivaled in its ability to store as well as compute data. Getting the data there and back is limited by the speed of light and the sizes of the internet called as pipes. With Edge Computing, data is not sent to the cloud but acted on as the source, creating a real-time insight.>/p>