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About Radiant Tech Learning

We're a leading Learning and development consulting company, assisting organizations, businesses, and individuals worldwide in skill development through agile learning solutions to meet various organizational and individual growth objectives. We assist organizations to survive and grow by empowering people with future-ready skills.

Drawing from our extensive experience in collaborating with global corporations, Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, and mentoring thousands of individuals worldwide allows us to understand the learning needs at the most granular level.

We have distilled this knowledge into a framework for comprehensive skill assessment, identifying skill gaps, developing L & D strategy to transform your workforce, developing leadership, winning more projects, increasing revenue, building a world-class IT team, and cultivating a winning mindset in your team.

However, this doesn't happen in isolation. One-way instructor-led training (ILT) or online learning is inadequate to meet evolving needs of organizations, individuals and even freshers. It's linked to how well organizations align individual career aspirations with broader business goals.

That's why we blend traditional learning with ILT (Instructor Led Training), VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training), online modules, and microlearning, consisting of bite-sized focused content that caters to the diverse organizational demands of the modern era.

Our L & D programs are meticulously designed and delivered by highly experienced certified professionals in -their respective fields, including the world's renowned experts from corporate giants & Ivy League universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and more. Therefore, you learn skills from the very best in the world.

At the core, Radiant is your workforce skill transformation partner that closely works with clients to understand what they are trying to achieve and the capabilities they need to accomplish that goal through a more holistic L&D plan tailored to specific learning needs, that may include a combination of personalized coaching & mentoring interventions, interactive eLearning solutions, immersive learning, off-the-shelf learning, and other learning methodologies.

Our vision and mission

Our vision

A global Organisation engaged in delivering best-in-class Learning and development services across platforms to upskill & enhance the productivity of the worldwide workforce constantly.

Our mission

Embrace modern techniques of psychology and neuroscience of learning to Create, Build, and deliver innovative & best-in-class industry-oriented L & D solutions that enable and inspire professionals and organizations to use technologies and skills for building exceptional products and services.


Our Core Values


We firmly believe in fairness and ethical conduct in whatever we do.


We put customers at the centre of everything we do.

Creativity & Innovation

We encourage you to think outside the box to solve a problem.

Quality & Excellence

We are committed to excellence in everything.


We empower individuals to take responsibility and contribute to organizations' success.

Learning Organisation

We promote a culture of continuous learning and development.


We believe that every individual is unique and brings different insights.


We at Radiant foster mutual respect, trust, and collaboration to build a harmonious organization

Unlocking Transformation With Our Unique Advantages

Business transformation depends on their overall capability to drive the change. It doesn’t happen by chance. We oskill gap analysis training need identification, defining metrics for training impact evaluation, and co-creating a robust learning agenda to transform your workforce.

1. L & D Consulting

Success is people-centric. We can assist you in optimizing your talent pipeline and prepare leaders at all levels with the necessary skills to navigate successfully in the evolving landscape. Drawing on with our in-depth experience, we can help design a learning framework, including a combination of various learning delivery methods, such as VILT, classroom, online, hybrid learning, or off-the-shelf training, aiding organizations to derive maximum ROI on training.

2. Immersive Learning

Learning has to be in a context. We can design an immersive learning environment by bringing real and virtual worlds together through AR/VR, gamification, simulated learning, and interactive videos.

3. Leadership & Management

Nurture the leaders and managers with the skills and mindset needed to succeed and drive growth. Get trained by world-renowned faculty to learn critical thinking, time management, motivation, and business strategies.

4. Personalized Learning

Leveraging our extensive experience and global partnership, we conduct AI-driven skill assessments to identify and anticipate potential skill gaps and create tailored learning and upskilling experiences.

Transforming Workforce Skills

Growth requires a multi-dimensional approach, including improvement in people, processes, and overall productivity in every component of an organization.

IT Training

Our expert knowledge & practical experience can help you build & deliver world-class IT Services by equipping your tech team with cutting-edge technical skills in Data Science and AI, Cloud, Analytics, Blockchain, CRM, DevOps, Cybersecurity, etc.

Sales Enablement

Build a winning sales team with skills and mindset to exceed the target. Our hands-on sales enablement program has been designed to impart the art and science negotiation, cold calling, digital marketing, and persuasive communication.

Soft Skills

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make the first impression. Be it converting clients, winning projects & successful execution, soft skills play a crucial role. We offer a range of tailored training programs to improve employees' ability to communicate clearly during team interactions and client meetings to make a lasting impact.

HR Transformation

People are the main driving force behind organizations' success. Building and retaining them requires effective workforce planning and strategy. We can design tailored learning programs in modern HR techniques in talent acquisition, employee engagement & retention, HR compliance, employee onboarding, and performance management skills to align HR function with business goals.

Domain Specific Training

Our domain-specific training is unique as it fills the skills gap in industries like Engineering, Oil and gas, Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Mining, Sustainable Energy, and Healthcare. These learning programs have been designed in consultation with respective industry professionals to provide hands-on skills for industry needs.


We at Radiant firmly understand the unique needs of various organizations. We have designed learning courses in health and safety, compliance, and DEI that can be quickly applied in the workplace.