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Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies 1.0


You can get ready for the Cisco® CCNP® Security and CCIE® Security certifications as well as senior-level security responsibilities by taking the Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR) v1.0 course. You will learn the techniques and tools necessary to put into practise the fundamental Cisco security solutions that offer enhanced threat protection against cybersecurity assaults. You will gain knowledge about endpoint security, network security for cloud and content, visibility, and enforcement. You will gain a great deal of practical experience installing Cisco Firepower® Next-Generation Firewall and Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewall, as well as implementing access control rules, mail policies, 802.1X Authentication, and other firewall configurations. You will practise the basic threat detection capabilities of Cisco Stealthwatch® Enterprise and Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud.

Duration: 5 Days

Learning Objectives:

When you finish this course, you ought to be able to:.

  • Describe the network's information security principles and tactics.
  • Describe shared TCP/IP attacks, network application attacks, and endpoint assaults.
  • Describe how various network security measures work together to combat attacks.
  • Implement access control by utilising the Cisco ASA firewall and Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall.
  • Describe and use the core capabilities and functionalities of the Cisco Email Security Appliance for email content security.
  • Describe and demonstrate the capabilities and functionalities of the Cisco Web Security Appliance for web content security.
  • Describe Cisco Umbrella's® security capabilities, deployment strategies, policy management, and other characteristics. Check out the console.
  • Before introducing VPNs, go through cryptography techniques and algorithms. -to-site connectivity options and describe how to set up point-to-point IPsec VPNs on the Cisco ASA and Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall using Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOS®)-based Virtual Tunnel Interface (VTI) VPNs (NGFW)
  • Explain how to set up 802.1X and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) authentication, as well as how to deploy Cisco secure remote access connectivity options.

You need to possess the following knowledge and abilities in order to get the most out of this course.

  • Equivalent to the abilities and information acquired in the Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA®) v1.0 course.
  • networking knowledge of Ethernet and TCP/IP.
  • understanding of Windows as a working operating system.
  • understanding of Cisco IOS networking principles.
  • knowledge of networking security fundamentals at their most basic.
  • To assist you in completing these requirements, take these Cisco courses.
  • CCNA v1.0: Implementing and Managing Cisco Solutions

Audience profile

  • Security Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Network designer
  • Network administrator
  • Systems Engineer
  • Consulting systems engineer
  • Technical solutions architect
  • Network manager
  • Cisco integrators and partners
  • Describing Information Security Concepts*
  • Describing Common TCP/IP Attacks*
  • Describing Common Network Application Attacks*
  • Describing Common Endpoint Attacks*
  • Describing Network Security Technologies
  • Deploying Cisco ASA Firewall
  • Deploying Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall
  • Deploying Email Content Security
  • Deploying Web Content Security
  • Deploying Cisco Umbrella*
  • Explaining VPN Technologies and Cryptography
  • Introducing Cisco Secure Site-to-Site VPN Solutions
  • Deploying Cisco IOS VTI-Based Point-to-Point IPsec VPNs
  • Deploying Point-to-Point IPsec VPNs on the Cisco-ASA and Cisco Firepower-NGFW
  • Introducing Cisco Secure Remote Access VPN Solutions
  • Deploying Remote Access SSL VPNs on the Cisco-ASA and Cisco Firepower NGFW
  • Explaining Cisco Secure Network Access Solutions
  • Describing 802.1X Authentication
  • Configuring 802.1X Authentication
  • Describing Endpoint Security Technologies*
  • Utilizing Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints*
  • Introducing Network Infrastructure Protection*
  • Deploying Control Plane Security Controls*
  • Deploying Layer 2 Data Plane Security Controls*
  • Deploying Layer 3 Data Plane Security Controls*
  • Deploying Management Plane Security Controls*
  • Deploying Traffic Telemetry Methods*
  • Deploying Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise*
  • Describing Cloud and Common Cloud Attacks*
  • Securing the Cloud*
  • Deploying Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud*
  • Describing Software-Defined Networking (SDN*)
  • This section is a self-study material that can be completed at your own pace if you take the instructor-led version of this course.

You can earn the new CCNP Security, CCIE Security, and the Cisco Certified Specialist - Security-Core certifications by taking this course, which includes the self-paced content, and passing the Implementing and Operating Cisco Security-Core Technologies (350-701 SCOR) exam. You can study for the Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (350-701 SCOR) test with the aid of this course. The candidate's proficiency in implementing and using fundamental security technologies is evaluated by this exam.

Q: What is the description of this course?

A: You can get ready for the Cisco® CCNP® Security and CCIE® Security certifications as well as senior-level security responsibilities by taking the Implementing and Operating Cisco Security-Core Technologies (SCOR) v1.0 course. You will learn the techniques and tools necessary to put into practise the fundamental Cisco security solutions that offer enhanced threat protection against cybersecurity assaults. You will gain knowledge about endpoint security, network security for cloud and content, visibility, and enforcement.

Q: What is the Cisco technology Core exam?

A:One of the two tests necessary to earn the CCNP, CCIE, and Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certifications is the technology core exam.

Q: Is CCNA the same as CCNA security?

A: CCNA R&S is the associate level of Cisco Certification in Routing & Switching track/technologies, whereas CCNA Security is the associate level of Certification offered by Cisco Systems in Network Security track/technologies

Q: What is the infrastructure required to attend your training program?

A:To attend the training session, you should have operational Desktops or Laptops with the required specification and a good internet connection to access the labs. 

Q: What should I do if I face technical difficulties during the class

A: Technical issues are unpredictable and might occur with you as well. Participants must ensure that they have the system with the required configuration and good internet speed to access online labs.

If the problem persists or you face any challenge during the class, you can report it to us or your trainer. In that case, Radiant would provide you with the recorded session of that particular day. However, those recorded sessions are not meant only for personal consumption and NOT for distribution or any commercial use.

Q: Who will be the instructor of the training program?

A: Radiant Techlearning has a large pool of in-house certified trainers & consultants with solid backgrounds and working experience in the technology. 

More than 800 courses are available through Radiant Techlearning, and the greatest instructors in the industry have been selected to teach each course.

The Technology Trainers & Consultants that provide training programmes are chosen by Radiant based on very stringent criteria. Before joining the organisation, our trainers and consultants go through stringent technical and behavioural assessments and interviews. 

Our Technology experts/trainers & consultants carry deep-dive knowledge in the technical subject & are certified by the OEM. Our faculty will quickly provide you with the knowledge of each course from the fundamental level, and you are free to ask your doubts at any time from your respective faculty.

Our trainers have the patience and ability to explain complex concepts simplistically with depth and width of knowledge.

Q: When would the training be conducted?

A: Once we receive your enrollment request, we will share the enrollment details with you to select and complete the enrollment process.

You can email us at the below (whichever is applicable) to know the upcoming schedule for a specific technology training program.



Q: Is there any job assistant guarantee?

No. These training programs are helping to improve your skills & knowledge of the technology, which would allow you to land your dream job by learning them. Our training program will maximize your ability and chances of getting a successful career. You have to select a job according to your convenience. Your performance in the training program and interview is crucial for getting a good job.