SACAD1 – SAP Analytics Cloud: Analytics Designer course provides all the learning professionals need to make analytic applications in the SAP Analytics Cloud with lots of hands-on practice.


Radiant Techlearning offers “SACAD1 – SAP Analytics Cloud: Analytics Designer” training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / Online mode.


  • Basic understanding of SAP Analytics Cloud basic concepts like covered in course SAC01

Audience Profile

  • BW and SAP HANA consultants
  • SAP Business Objects Consultants
  • Power Users and managers inside business functions of the business
  • Business Analyst

Course Details

Module 1:  Overview and Positioning

  • Overview and Positioning of SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer
  • Key Capabilities
  • System Architecture
  • SAC Stories vs. SAP Analytic Applications
  • Prerequisites

Module 2:  Creating Analytic Applications

  • Working with the different modes of an application
  • Working with the design elements (canvas, widgets, filters and data sources)
  • Working with the different panels
  • Working with various widgets like Crosstab, Chart, Filterline, GeoMaps
  • Transporting, sharing and translation of analytical applications

Module 3:  Introduction and Usage of Scripting within an Analytic Application

  • Introduction to scripting
  • Method chaining
  • Usage of events, variables, global script functions
  • Debugging

Module 4:  Usage of complex scripting APIs

  • Working with loops, if then else, switch
  • Working with selections
  • Cascading filters

Module 5:  Working with Bookmarks and Comments

  • Understanding and implementing Bookmarks in applications
  • Understanding and implementing Comments in applications

Module 6:  Inbound and Outbound Integration with external applications or information

  • Using oData calls to S/4HANA
  • Using the Post Message API to embed an analytic application in a Host HTML page and a web page to an analytic application
  • Including RSS feeds to application


Q: What do you mean by Analytics Designer?


A: Analytics Designer is a capability that you can use to build Analytical Applications within SAP Analytics Cloud. In Analytics Designer you can use old data, and visual widgets, scripting, extensions to build Enterprise Dashboards, Planning Applications, and Predictive Applications.


Q: Why is analytics used for?


A: Analytics has been used to notify marketing tactics and strategy, but now they are more usable and user-experience professionals relying on this quantitative-data source to aid in research and design.


Q: Why is Analytical Designer used?


A: With the use of Analytics designer, you can generate applications for analyzing details and planning. SAP Analytics designer is accessible in all plans of costing with read access.

Analytics designer permits analytics application designers to construct or make centrally governable analytic content. It may range from dashboards achieved through guided analytics to sophisticated Planning and Smart applications.


Q: What is the schedule of training program?


A:  Radiant Techlearning offers training program on the weekday, weekend and a combination of weekdays and weekends.  You can always choose the schedule that best suits to your need.


Q: Is there any job assistant guarantee?


A: No. These training programs are helpful to improve your skills & knowledge on the technology which would help you to land in your dream job by learning them.

Our training program will maximize your ability and chances of getting a successful job. You have to select job according to your convenience. Your performance in the training program and interview is crucial for getting good job.


Q: How can I access labs?


A: Radiant Techlearning has a data center containing the Virtual Training environment for the purpose of participant’s hand-on-practice.

Participants can easily access these labs over Cloud with the help of remote desktop connection.

Radiant virtual labs provides you the flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world and in any time zone.


Q: What are the features of Analytics Designer?


A: The features are:

  • Customize actions between different analytical applications
  • Integrate the Analytical Application into third-party solutions
  • Embed third-party web pages into the Analytical Application
  • Own visualizations can be created using custom widgets.
  • Create templates to reuse in other modules Provide your Analytical Application through the use of a content network
  • Deploy the Analytical Application through integration or through a mobile device.


Q: What are the components of Analytics Designer?


A: The components are:

  • Generic Applications
  • Guided Analytic Applications
  • Dash-boarding
  • Planning Applications
  • Embedding/Extending Applications
  • Template/Composite


Q: What will be the fees of this course?


A: To know about the fees details you can email us on with your requirement in details containing the below information

In case of Self / Individual

  • Training Program
  • Training Mode (Online/ Classroom)
  • Location (in case of classroom):
  • Background (Education/ Technology/ Year of experience, etc. )
  • Training Timeline

In case of Corporate Training

  • Training Program of Participants
  • Training Mode (Online/ Classroom)
  • Location (in case of classroom):
  • Participant’s Background (Education/ Technology/ Year of experience, etc. )
  • Training Timeline
  • Expectations form the training program


Q: When would the training be conducted?


A: Once we receive your enrollment request, we will share the enrollment details with you to select and complete the enrollment process.

You can always email us on the below email address (whichever applicable) to know the upcoming schedule for a specific technology training program.

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