The Oracle Linux 7: System Administration training helps professionals develop a wide range of skills, including installation, configuring Linux services, using the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, preparing the system for the Oracle Database, monitoring and solving. Work with expert instructors to develop expertise using this solution to benefit your business. In this training program, professionals will be introduced to the Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution.

Radiant Teachlearning offers Oracle Linux 7: System Administration Training Program in Classroom and Virtual instructor Led/Online mode.


Duration: 5 days


Learning Objectives

  • Enable kernel features.
  • Set up users and groups.
  • Configure system logging, the boot process, the network and storage.
  • Install additional software packages.
  • Keep the kernel up to date by using Ksplice.
  • Understand how implementing Ksplice gives professionals zero down time kernel updates.
  • Configure services such as NTP, NFS, FTP, OpenSSH, firewalls and iptables.
  • Gain an understanding of the Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution.
  • Create Ext, XFS, and Btrfs file systems
  • Maintain swap space
  • Use Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Configure RAID devices
  • Configure File Sharing services (NFS, FTP, OpenSSH)
  • Perform Security Administration (firewalld, iptables, chroot, TCP wrappers)
  • Gain an understanding of the Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution
  • Install software packages from Unbreakable Linux Network and other repositories
  • Use Ksplice to update the kernel on a running system
  • Configure system logging
  • Load kernel modules and configure kernel module parameters
  • Prepare Oracle Linux system for Oracle database
  • Troubleshoot problems and perform corrective action
  • Install Oracle Linux 7
  • Load and configure the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
  • Perform User and Group administration


Benefits to You

By taking this training program, professionals will walk away with the understanding and skills to handle typical issues faced by administrators, while acknowledging the kernel development Linux and model distributions. Become more familiar with how Oracle Linux brings professionals the latest delivering extreme performance, Linux innovations, advanced scalability and reliability for enterprise applications and systems.


Required Prerequisite

  • UNIX and Linux Essentials Ed 2
  • Types of user accounts & Working with files and directories in Unix
  • Text editing using vi & Unix process control
  • Unix shell command line features & Basic shell scripting
  • Archiving and compressing files in Unix & Performing remote connections and file transfers

Audience Profile

  • Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Implementer
  • Systems Administrator

Course Content

Training program Introduction

  • Introduction to Oracle Linux
  • Installing Oracle Linux 7

Oracle Linux 7 Boot Process

  • System Configuration
  • Package Management


  • Automate Tasks
  • Kernel Module Configuration

User and Group Administration

  • Partitions, File Systems, and Swap
  • Implementing the XFS File System

Implementing the Btrfs File System

  • Storage Administration
  • Network Configuration

File Sharing

  • OpenSSH Service
  • Security Administration

Oracle on Oracle

  • System Monitoring & System Logging
  • Troubleshooting

Oracle Cloud Computing


Q: What knowledge do I need to have as a prerequisite for this training?


A: One should have following knowledge as prerequisite for this training: –

  • Unix and Linux Essentials ED2
  • Types of User accounts and working with files and directories
  • Unix shell command lines and basic shell scripting knowledge.


Q: What is the role of Ksplice in keeping kernel up to date?


A: Ksplice enables database administrators to patch their operating system kernels without any need of rebooting. Ksplice operates at the layer of object code, which provides the Ksplice with the ability to transform many traditional source code patches into hot updates with little or no programmer involvement.


Q: What is the role of LVM?


A: Logical volume management provides a level of abstraction between a file system and the physical disks or partitions. Without a volume manager, once you have used all the space on a disk your file system cannot be extended any further. Using logical volume management, a file system is built on a logical volume.


Q: What is meant by OpenSSH service?


A: It’s a suite of network connectivity tools which provides security between communication systems.


Q: What is the role of Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution?


A: It’s a combined cloud infrastructure service which build, deploy and integrate the data application to cloud.


Q: Why is swap space using Linux in case of Oracle?


A: Swap space comes into action when the is RAM that is the physical memory is full and operating system needs some more memory resources for the storage, then the unnecessary files and applications are sent swap space.


Q: Why one should prefer Radiant Techlearning ?


A: Radiant believes in practical and creative approach to training and development which distinguishes it from the other training and developmental platforms. Moreover training courses are undertaken by some of the experts who are having vast range of experience in their domain.


Q: What if I/we have doubts after attending your training program?


A: Radiant team of experts would be available on the e-mail to answer your technical queries even after the training program.


Q: Does this training program include any project?


A: Yes, Radiant will provide you most updated high value and relevant real time projects and case studies in each training program.


Q: If I face technical difficulty during the session then is there any remedy for that?


A: Technical issues are unpredictable and might occur with us as well.   Participants have to ensure that they have access to the required configuration with good internet speed.


Q: What is schedule of training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers training programs on weekday, weekend and combination of weekday and weekend.  We provide you complete liberty to choose the schedule that suits to your need.

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