This Oracle Access Management 12c PS3: Administration Essentials training program teaches professionals way to install, execute and configure the real life deployment of Oracle Access Manager 12c PS3. Work with expert instructors to install, solve, diagnose and more.

Radiant Teachlearning offers Oracle Access Management 12c: Administration Essentials Training Program in Classroom and Virtual instructor Led/Online mode.


Duration: 5 days


Learning Objectives

  • Install and configure Oracle Access Manager 12c PS3.
  • Configure servers, data sources and agents.
  • Set up policy configuration (shared components and application domain).
  • Manage sign-on, sign-off and sessions.
  • Configure detached credential collector [DCC]
  • Set up auditing, logging and troubleshooting for OAM 12c PS3.
  • Manage sessions, policy and agents with the REST API.
  • Install and configure Oracle Access Manager (OAM 12c)
  • Configure servers, data sources, and agents
  • Set up policy configuration (shared components and application domain)
  • Manage sign-on, sign-off, and sessions
  • Explain and set up auditing and logging for OAM 12c
  • Troubleshoot OAM 12c
  • Configure and explain WLS, identity assertion, OAM assertion provider, and WLS authenticator
  • Learn About Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Access Management
  • Configure Detached Credential Collectors
  • Configure OAM Reports in BI Publisher


Benefits to You

By taking this training program, professionals will develop a deep acknowledging of primary concepts of Access Management that include configuring User Stores and WebGates. Professionals will walk away with the understanding and skills to create authorization and authentication policies to protect resources and acknowledge session management and single sign on.


Troubleshoot & Diagnose

Expert instructors will also teach professionals way to diagnose, solve and monitor the OAM deployment environment. Professionals will explore the Oracle Fusion Middleware Audit Framework, a centralized audit framework to the OAM and other Fusion Middleware component products.


Training program Wrap-Up

Finally, professionals will learn way to generate audit reports for OAM deployments. Professionals will also learn about a solution to provide Single Sign-On for cloud environments and hybrid on-premise.


Audience Profile

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • End User
  • Implementer

Course Content

Overview of Access Manager

  • Explain the salient features of Oracle Access Manager
  • Explain the functional areas for each of the Oracle Access Management products
  • Explain Oracle Access Manager overall architecture
  • Explain Oracle Access Manager run-time architecture
  • Identify key Oracle Access Manager 12c PS3 features

Installation and Configuration

  • Explain key definitions and terminologies
  • Install Oracle Middleware Infrastructure
  • Install Oracle Access Management
  • Install Oracle HTTP Server
  • Configure seeded database schemas by using the Repository Creation Utility
  • Configure domain for Oracle Access Manager and Oracle HTTP Server
  • Perform post-installation validation checks

System Configuration: Servers, Datasources and Agents

  • Manage Servers using OAM Administration Console and Oracle Web Logic Server Admin Console
  • Installing and Configuring Agents
  • Installing and Configuring Agents
  • Registering Agents – OAM Admin Console, In-Band, Out-of-Band Understanding WLS Agents
  • Manage agents using OAM Admin Console
  • Extend Webgate with an option to enable Detached Credential Collection (DCC)

Policy Configuration: Shared Components and Application Domains

  • Explain Access Control – Authentication and Authorization
  • Authentication Modules and Schemes
  • Resource matching and Excluded resources
  • Complex LDAP AuthZ and Response Filters, Authorization expressions

SSO and Session Management

  • OAM single sign-on and single logout
  • Sessions life cycle, caching and cookies
  • Customizing the login and logout pages
  • Impersonation
  • Errors codes, information and password policy validation errors

Using Oracle Access Manager With WebLogic Applications

  • Protecting WLS applications with OAM
  • Identity assertion providers
  • OAM authenticator

Auditing and Logging

  • Configure audit settings
  • Audited events and recorded data
  • Generating audit reports
  • Configuring logging settings
  • Locating and examining logging output

Troubleshooting and Management

  • Work with Access Tester
  • Identifying connectivity issues between agents and servers (impact of load balancers and firewalls)
  • Understand OAM specific WLST commands
  • Work with Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
  • Server processes and charts

Using Oracle Access Manager in Hybrid Environments

  • Understanding the Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud environment
  • Explain how Oracle Access Management can provide Authentication to IDCS
  • Explain how Identity Cloud Service is configured for OAM Authentication


Q: What prerequisite knowledge should I have for this training?


A:  One should have basic knowledge about working knowledge and access management products and general security concepts


Q: What is the role of Oracle Access Manager?


A: Oracle Access Manager is access control and user identity administrative solution. Its system provides single sign in for users to support multiple authentication methods and centralized policy enforcement.


Q: What is the role of Oracle Identity Manager?


A: It enables the users and organizations to perform end to end life cycle user identities across all the resources.


Q: What is meant by the Webgate in OAM?


A: Webgate is server plugin that accepts HTTP requests and forwards them for authentication and authorization.


Q: What is the role of Oracle Access Protocol?


A: It enables safe connection between components of access system for authentication and authorization of user.


Q: What is Repository Creation Utility?


A: Repository Creation Utility is a CLI Based tool used to create and manage the Oracle Middleware schemas.


Q: Why one should prefer Radiant Techlearning ?


A: Radiant believes in practical and creative approach to training and development which distinguishes it from the other training and developmental platforms. Moreover training courses are undertaken by some of the experts who are having vast range of experience in their domain.


Q: What if I/we have doubts after attending your training program?


A: Radiant team of experts would be available on the e-mail to answer your technical queries even after the training program.


Q: Does this training program include any project?


A: Yes, Radiant will provide you most updated high value and relevant real time projects and case studies in each training program.


Q: If I face technical difficulty during the session then is there any remedy for that?


A: Technical issues are unpredictable and might occur with us as well.   Participants have to ensure that they have access to the required configuration with good internet speed.


Q: What is schedule of training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers training programs on weekday, weekend and combination of weekday and weekend.  We provide you complete liberty to choose the schedule that suits to your need.

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