The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Advanced Business Process Modeling training program teaches professionals how to collect and move data, use message options, capture errors, update a database, and send notifications. It will help professionals to learn about the Assign Service, service configurations, the Invoke Business Process Service, the lightweight JDBC Adapter, and importing resources.

Radiant Techlearning offers ‘IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Advanced Business Process Modeling’ training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led/ Online mode.


Duration : 3 days


Learning Objectives

This training program will help professionals to:

  • Differentiate between services, adapters, and activities as they relate to building business processes.
  • Configure a business process using the message output options.
  • Create a business process to capture errors and to notify the user of an error.
  • Create a business process to manage 997s.
  • Apply the Assign Service along with DOM or Doc features in a business process.
  • Create a business process to send data to different storage locations.
  • Use the JDBC Adapter to create a business process to receive configuration values from a database


The professionals should be proficient in:

  • J2EE Framework and N-Tiered Architectures
  • Database schemas and related concepts
  • SQL Scripting
  • Sterling B2B Integrator

The professional should also have knowledge of Specialty or advanced Sterling B2B Integrator in the following areas:

  • EDI Processing
  • AS2 Implementation
  • Secure Transports
  • Web Services
  • Trading Partner Management
  • JSP Development


This training program is designed for EDI End User, Web Developer, System Administrator, and Business Analyst.

Course content

The following modules will be covered throughout this training program:

Module 1. Basic BPML concepts

Module 2. Service Editor Configuration Options


  • Service Editor Configuration Options

Module 3. Using the Assign


  • Using the Assign

Module 4. Error Handling


  • Error Handling

Module 5. Importing Style Sheets


  • Importing Style Sheets

Module 6. Read Values from Flat File


  • Reading Values from a Flat File

Module 7. Using a Database


  • Using a Database

Module 8. Course Wrap-up


Q: What is the basic thing about Integrator Administration?


A:  Integrator Advanced Business Process Modeling course teaches you how to use message options, collect and move data, capture errors, send notifications, and update a database.


Q: Who are the intended audience for this course?


A:  This course is particularly designed for EDI End Users, Web Developers, and System Administrators preferably for Business Analyst. But anyone who is keen to learn and to get intro in this sector can also able to join this course,


Q: Is there any mandatory pre-requisite for the course?


A: Yes sure, specialty for this course there are certain criteria known before to get a deep knowledge about this those areas are,

  • EDI Processing
  • AS2 Implementation
  • Secure Transports
  • Web Services


Q: What is the scope of IBM Integrator?


A:  The scope for this course is on high level on recent market and demand in the market for integrators is also very good. These trained personals must possess a niche skill and generally the learners will be paid 50% higher than any java/dot net developers.


Q: What is the specialty about this Integrator compared to others?


A: Yes, the following are the specialties of this version,

  • This serves as a platform that supports exchange of high-volume electronic messages, complex routing, translation, and interaction of multiple internal systems and external business partners.
  • Ties together all the known applications, processes all available data and people, both within and outside your organization.
  • This offers a flexible options for deployment, configuration as well as customization, including the functionality at a same time
  • Provides a robust security infrastructure to the user.


Q: How about the tradition of this company?


A: Radiant Tech learning started its function of training dedicated to technology and technical aspect teaching in the year from 2016. Currently this organization is successfully running on its 5th year with support and belief of millions of users across the world.


Q: What is the methodology of coaching provided at Radiant tech learning?


A: Radiant tech learning offers live online video classes taken by the experienced professionals as well as recorded previous class videos if the training student can’t able to attend due to unavoidable situations at a lower cost.


Q: How about the certificate verification?


A: Radiant Tech learning offers highly verified and confidential certificates to the users. Moreover these certificates are also get verified and has a unique identity number for each and every certificates. By using that anyone can verify their certificate at our site.


Q: What about the quality of teaching persons?


A: At Radiant Tech Learning, all the persons teaching are highly sophisticated and all are experienced faculties of the specified domain. These faculties are having both technical experiences as well as experienced in their respective field work.


Q: How about the learning experience?


A: Radiant Tech learning offers highly modernized concepts and we have our learners all around the world, having a million of learning aspirants at various countries.

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