IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog v11.5.0.2: Understanding Your Information Assets training program empowers professionals to secure the aptitudes important to utilize the Information Governance Catalog to dissect metadata put away inside the Information Server Repository. The accentuation is on how metadata gets caught inside the vault and how to investigate and break down the metadata it contains.
Radiant Techlearning offers IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog v11.5.0.2: Understanding Your Information Assets training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led/Online Mode.


Duration: 8 Hours


In order to benefit from this course, professionals should have prior knowledge in:

  • Basic knowledge of the Windows operating system.
  • Familiarity with Information Server products

Audience Profile

This is an elementary course for those who will be consuming IGC to discover and analyse metadata stored within the Information Server Repository.

Course Details

Module 1 Introduction to the Information Governance Catalog Metadata

  • Describe and list examples of metadata
  • Describe the purpose and uses of the Information Governance Catalog
  • List the main functional categories of the Information Governance Catalog
  • Describe the IBM Information Server environment and how the Information Governance Catalog is part of it
  • Describe the metadata management role of the Information Governance Catalog within Information Server

Module 2 Exploring the Information Governance Catalog

  • Log into the Information Governance Catalog
  • Describe how metadata is organized with the Information Server Repository
  • Navigate around the Information Governance Catalog
  • Explore the types of metadata assets that can be viewed and analyzed in the Information Governance Catalog

Module 3 Capturing metadata assets

  • Use Metadata Asset Manager to capture metadata for ODBC data resources, logical models, and BI reports
  • Describe DataStage captured metadata, including sequential files and DataStage jobs and job sequences
  • Describe how DataStage operational metadata is generated
  • Capture DataStage operational metadata

Module 4 Search and query

  • Explore the metadata hierarchy of assets
  • Use the Find capabilities of the Information Governance Catalog
  • Create and execute queries

Module 5 Data lineage

  • Generate an impact analysis graph
  • Generate a data lineage graph
  • Solve problems using impact analysis and lineage graphs

Module 6 Enhancing lineage through extended mappings

  • Create extended data assets
  • Create extended mappings
  • Create a data lineage report involving extended data assets
  • Generate business lineage report

Module 7 Open Governance Catalog

  • Describe Open Governance Catalog and its benefits
  • Define new (custom) asset types using the Open Governance Catalog REST API
  • Import new (custom) asset types
  • Display the flow of data through the new asset type
  • Governing and benefiting from new asset types


Q: What is governance catalog?


A: Governance Catalog is a web-based tool which allows to explore, analyse and understand information. One can manage, create and share a common business document, language and enact policies and rules and even track data lineage.


Q: What are the key features?


A: The key features are:

  • It searches and visually explores data for better understanding
  • It delivers well-defined and governed data
  • It visualizes data flow across the information landscape
  • It also establishes data ownership, documentation, common classifications and language


Q: What are the advantages of governance catalog?


A: The advantages are:

  • It helps to understand the meaning of the data
  • It establishes a government framework
  • It explores data lineage


Q: What is data lineage?


A: Data lineage is the journey of the data which takes from its creation through its transformations over the time. It describes a dataset’s origin, characteristics, movement and quality.


Q: Why do we need data lineage?


A: It is needed for:

  • ETL developer
  • Data steward
  • Business user
  • Troubleshooting operation


Q: Why Radiant Techlearning


A: Incorporated in 2016, Radiant Techlearning is a technology training company dedicated to Technology & Technical skill development of the workforce of our trusted clients from all across the globe. We believe in building skills for individuals, teams as well as organizations, so that they remain ahead in the cutting-edge world of competitiveness driven by technology and ability to transform.

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Q: Does this training program include any project?


A: Yes, Radiant will provide you the most updated, high valued and relevant real time projects and case studies in each training program.

We included projects in each training program from fundamental level to advance level so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in future. You will work on highly exciting projects and that will upgrade your skill, knowledge and industry experience.


Q: How the training will be delivered or conducted?


Radiant Techlearning offers customized training delivery solutions for individuals, teams and businesses depending upon what they require. Here is how we help each one through our diverse formats.

Dedicated Classroom Training program

Onsite: To meet the needs & expectations of our corporate clients all over the world, our expert will travel all the way to your location to deliver the training program at a premise of your choice & convenience.

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On-the-Job Learning:  Our team of consultant would help you to execute end-to-end project and simultaneously learn the technology.


Q: What is the schedule of the training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers training program on the weekday, weekend and a combination of weekdays and weekends.  You can always choose the schedule that best suits to your need.


Q: When the training would be conducted?


A: Once we receive your enrollment request, we will share the enrollment details with you to select and complete the enrollment process.

You can always email us on the below email address (whichever applicable) to know the upcoming schedule for a specific technology training program.



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