IBM InfoSphere DataStage engine Administration for Information Server v11.5 training program teaches Data Server, as well as DataStage overseers to administrators, configure, and screen the DataStage Engine which assumes a critical job in Information Server. It not just runs superior equal ETL employments planned and worked in DataStage. It likewise bolsters other Information Server items including Information Analyzer, QualityStage, and Data Click. Subsequent to presenting DataStage equal occupations and the Engine that runs them, the course depicts DataStage venture setup, the Engine’s turn of events and runtime conditions, and the Engine’s information source availability. Moreover, the course discloses and gives a clearer learning to professionals to learn how to import and fare DataStage objects, how to run and screen DataStage employments through the order line and GUI, and how to utilize some significant Engine utilities.

Radiant Techlearning offers IBM InfoSphere DataStage engine Administration for Information Server v11.5 training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led/Online Mode.



Duration: 8 Hours



Learning Objectives

On completion of this course, professionals should be able to:

  • Describe how the DataStage Engine is used within Information Server
  • Describe how the engine achieves high performance through partition parallelism
  • Describe the DataStage job compilation process
  • Describe the engine runtime process and environment
  • Describe the purpose and format of the DataStage configuration file
  • Describe how to configure the engine using environment variables
  • Describe how to configure data source connections
  • Describe the ways of running DataStage jobs
  • Describe how to monitor DataStage jobs and the runtime environment
  • Describe engine workload management
  • Import and export DataStage jobs and other engine objects


In order to benefit from this course, professionals should have prior knowledge in the following course:

  • KM510 IBM InfoSphere Administrative Tasks for Information Server v11.5


Audience Profile

  • Information Server and DataStage Administrators

Course content

Course Outline


Module 1 Introduction to the Information Server (DataStage) engine

  • Information Server architecture
  • How the DataStage Engine is used in Information Server
  • DataStage Engine features


Module 2 Elements of a DataStage job

  • Anatomy of a DataStage parallel job
  • Explore the elements of an example DataStage job, including its stages and job parameters
  • Learn the OSH that is generated by the job during compile


Module 3 Engine architecture

  • Partition parallelism
  • Runtime architecture
  • Configuration files
  • The “Score”


Module 4 Engine project configuration

  • DataStage project authorizations
  • Runtime Column Propagation (RCP)
  • Environment variables


Module 5 Configuring database connectivity

  • Configuring ODBC data sources
  • Configuring native database connections


Module 7 Running DataStage jobs

  • Running jobs from the command line
  • Monitoring jobs in Director and the Operations Console
  • Workload management
  • Starting and stopping the Engine


Module 8 Engine utilities

  • Data set utilities
  • Multiple job compile
  • Resource estimation tool


Module 9 Importing and exporting DataStage objects

  • DataStage Designer exports and imports
  • Command line exports and imports



Q: Explain about the course.


A: This training program teaches Data Server, as well as DataStage overseers to administrators, configure, and also screens the DataStage Engine which assumes a critical job in Information Server. It not only runs superior equal ETL employments planned and worked in DataStage. It also bolsters other Information Server items which include Information Analyzer, Quality Stage, and Data Click. 


Q: Explain about InfoSphere information server.


 A: Information Server connects to the information sources even if they are unstructured, structured, on the mainframe, or applications. 


Q: What are the different tiers in the information server architecture?


A: The different tiers are:

  • Client tier
  • Service tier
  • Engine tier
  • Repository tier
  • Microservice tier


Q: Why do you use partition parallelism?


A: When we use partition parallelism the same job can be effectively, simultaneously by run by several processors, each of them handling a separate subset of the total data. At the end the data partitions can be collected back together again and can be written to a single data source.


Q: Can you compile multiple job in DataStage?


A: Yes, multiple jobs can be compiled in a DataStage to do so one can select the tools menu and go the multiple job compile option.


Q: How is the Radiant Techlearning verified certificate awarded?


A: Radiant awards course completion certificate to all the participants who have completed the training program which includes various real time projects, assignments, quizzes and some other tasks.  Once the course is done you would be assigned with a project which you would have to submit in 2 weeks’ time. 

Radiant Techlearning experts will be evaluating the project on various parameter. To be eligible for the verified certificate you would have to score more than 60% marks. 

Only after completion of these criteria you would be awarded with Radiant verified certificate and which the participants can use for their future job purpose. 

Participants will be awarded with grades according to the following criteria:

90% – 100% – AAA+

80% – 90% – AA+

70% – 80% – A+

60% – 70% – A


Q: Is there any job assistant guarantee?


A: No. These training programs are helpful to improve your skills & knowledge on the technology which would help you to land in your dream job by learning them. 

Our training program will maximize your ability and chances of getting a successful job. You have to select job according to your convenience. Your performance in the training program and interview is crucial for getting good job.


Q: What is your refund policy? 


A: In case of Radiant Techlearning solutions cancel an event, 100% of course fee will be refunded to the participant. 

We provide best-in-class training programs to our clients with large number of services. Radiant also believe in taking feedback from its clients’ time to time. If you face any kind of difficulty you can freely discuss with us. However due to some reason if your expectations are not met. We do have refund policy in which Radiant will refund your payment within 7 days. To get the refund you have to inform us about your concern before 20% completion of the training program.


Q: What is the infrastructure required to attend your training program?


A: To attend the training session, you should have an operational Desktops or Laptops with required specification along with good internet connection to access the labs. 


Q: What if I miss a class on a particular day?


A: We would always recommend you to attend the live session to practice & clarify the doubts instantly and get more value from your investment. However, if due to some contingency if you have to skip the class Radiant Techlearning would help you with the recorded session of that particular day.  However, those recorded sessions are not meant only for personal consumption and NOT for distribution or any commercial use.



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