This training program provides the professionals, the skills which are needed for creating, planning, designing, testing the workflow solutions in an environment of developments.

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Radiant Techlearning offers the IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1 – Workflow Design Essentials training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / Online mode.


Duration: 1 day


Learning Objectives

After completing this training program, the professionals will be able to:

  • Create a workflow definition using Process Designer.
  • Utilize the workflow properties along with the step parameters in a definition of workflow.
  • Design simple as well as complicated expressions for the calculation of property values along with direct work.
  • Utilize a number of step types for building the definition of workflow.
  • Working with subscriptions to launch workflows automatically from an initiating attachment.


  • Get accustomed with the use of Windows 2008 operating systems, as well as general knowledge of P8 Platform security concepts.
  • General workflow terminology:
  • Workflow
  • Workflow definitions
  • Queues
  • Start a P8 Platform system.
  • Familiarity with P8 Platform administration interfaces, including:
  • Administration Console for Content Platform Engine
  • IBM Content Navigator
  • Process Configuration Console
  • Process Designer

Audience for the course

  • This course is for workflow authors who are responsible for planning, designing, creating, testing workflow solutions in a development environment.

Course content

Create a workflow definition

Configure workflow properties

  • Add workflow properties to a workflow definition
  • Add step properties to a step
  • Validate and launch a workflow
  • Identify system fields.

Explore workflow step types

  • Select step types for a scenario
  • Use system steps in a workflow

Build expressions

  • Use Expression Builder
  • Build expressions to calculate property values
  • Assign property values

Launch workflows with subscriptions

  • Create a workflow that launches from an initiating attachment
  • Create a workflow subscription that automatically launches a workflow.
  • Map properties from a document to workflow data fields.


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