Einstein Analytics permitsprofessional to explore all the data quickly and simply by providing AI-powered advanced analytics, right in Salesforce. Manage the datasets, query data with the Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL), and customize the dashboards that too all programmatically.
Main Objective of this Training program is:

Determine the user, data, and security necessities, and launch a development process. Set up apps and regulate what users can do in Wave Analytics by assigning them with the permission to set licenses, permission sets, and app permissions.


Radiant Techlearning offers “Einstein Analytics – Salesforce” training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / Online mode.


Participants should be well versed with:

  • Understanding of basic features of Salesforce platforms.
  • This course helps one to learn the basic to advanced concepts of Einstein Analytics.

Audience Profile

Working with data and dashboards in Einstein Analytics is ideal for integration specialists who want to learn more about securing and connecting data in Einstein Analytics. This training program is also great for business analysts or developers interested in creating advanced dashboards.

Course Content

Einstein Analytics Basics

Start Exploring Einstein Analytics

  • Describe what Salesforce Einstein Analytics is.
  • Describe how Einstein Analytics can benefit the business.
  • Sign up for thedifferent Einstein Analytics Developer Edition org.
  • EA Home
  • Navigate the desktop interface.
  • Various Einstein Analytics assets like app, dashboard, lens, and dataset.
  • Diverse ways to import data into Einstein Analytics.
  • Create an app.
  • Explore Analytics dashboards to find insights.
  • Navigate to different dashboards within an app.
  • Custom dashboard filters to narrow down the data displayed in charts.
  • Sort and drill down into data

Personalizing Analytics

  • Set up, view, and accomplish notifications from dashboards.
  • Follow a dashboard.

Collaborate with Analytics

  • Present from the dashboard.
  • Use of annotations to call attention to the Analytics dashboard results.
  • Part dashboards in Chatter and download widget data.

Einstein Analytics Administration Basics

Learn about Einstein Analytics Setup

  • Einstein Analytics is has its own setup.
  • Log in for an Einstein Analytics-enabled Developer Edition org

Assign Permissions

  • Purpose of Einstein Analytics permission to set licenses and to assign them.
  • View user permissions to determine what access a user has to Einstein Analytics features.
  • Understand custom and quick processes for assigning permissions to users.

Select and enable analytics features

  • Enable thumbnail previews for all thelenses and dashboards.
  • Turn on the features, including download, annotations, and sharing with Communities.

Einstein Analytics Integration Concept

Kick off Data Journey

  • What is a dataset is and the advantages it brings to data exploration.
  • High-level process of creating a dataset.
  • Identify the data requirements and plan data integration
  • Extract .csv Data in Analytics
  • Make external data before bringing it into Analytics.
  • Upload a CSV file of external data.
  • Monitor and verify an external data upload.
  • Extract Salesforce Data into Analytics
  • What is a dataflow?
  • Generate a dataset with Salesforce data with the help of the dataset builder and the dataflow.
  • Monitor the dataflow and validate a new dataset.
  • Preparing Data
  • How can use the dataflow to prepare data for usage?
  • Prepare data using a dataset recipe.
  • Data Prep 3.0 (Beta)

Einstein Analytics Dashboard Building

Build Powerful Dashboard Quickly with Analytics

  • Profit of using a template to create a dashboard.
  • Explain how apps impact users access to dashboards

Add key Metrics to Evaluate business

  • Explain when to use number widgets.
  • Add a number widget to a dashboard.

See the big picture with the help of charts and get the details with tables

  • When to use chart and table widgets?
  • Adding chart and table widgets to the dashboard.

Add selectors that allow the users to filter the dashboard results

  • Types of selection-based filter widgets.
  • Add global filters to a dashboard.

Make analytics dashboard widget interactive

  • State and contrast the two methods for constructing widgets interactive.
  • Provide at least one example of how user can use faceting in the Analytics dashboard.

Take Analytics on the go with mobile dashboard

  • Create a layout for a mobile device.
  • Optimize your layout for mobile use.
  • Regulate which devices can use a layout by setting layout properties.

Einstein Coding


  • String/Date/Number Functions
  • JSON
  • XMD
  • Bindings
  • Tables
  • Templates


Opportunity Segmentation Dashboard

  • Total Pipeline Value (Open/closed)
  • Top 5/ Worse 5 Opportunities by Amount
  • Opportunities by Stage
  • Slow moving opportunities.
  • Accounts having maximum number of Open Opportunity by Numbers/Amount.
  • Filters such – Account Name, Opp. Type, Stage, Owner etc.
  • Detailed Table which combined the data from Opportunity and related objects.


Q: How to give user access to Einstein data insights?


A: To give user access:

  • From the setup, enter permission sets in find box
  • Click Einstein analytics + admin
  • Click manage assignments
  • Click on the users to whom you want to grant access
  • Click assign


Q: What is data mapping?


A: Mapping set is a group of mappings and data filters which is between the data source schema and the Cloud Information Model. Salesforce provides mapping set templates which include default mappings.


Q: What is a CSV?


A: The first row in a CSV file lists the field names for the object that is processing. Each row corresponds to a record in Salesforce. A record consists of a series of fields which are delimited by commas. A CSV file can easily contain multiple records and is referred to as a batch.


Q: What is a data flow?


A: Dataflow file is a JSON file which contains transformations that represents the dataflow logic. The dataflow in extracts data from the Salesforce such as Opportunity, Account, and User objects, augments it together, and create a registered dataset.


Q: Explain about XMD?


A: Extended metadata (XMD) enables to customize the format of dataset fields and their values in Analytics dashboards and lenses. If the XMD is modified for a dataset, every UI visualization which uses the dataset shows the modified format.


Q: If I face technical difficulty during the class what should I do?


A: Technical issues are unpredictable and might occur with you as well. Participants have to ensure that they have the system with required configuration with good internet speed to access online labs.

If the problem still persists or you face any challenge during the class then you can report to us or your trainer. In that case Radiant would provide you the recorded session of that particular day. However, those recorded sessions are not meant only for personal consumption and NOT for distribution or any commercial use.


Q: Does this training program include any project?


A: Yes, Radiant will provide you the most updated, high valued and relevant real time projects and case studies in each training program.

We included projects in each training program from fundamental level to advance level so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in future. You will work on highly exciting projects and that will upgrade your skill, knowledge and industry experience.


Q: How the training will be delivered or conducted?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers customized training delivery solutions for individuals, teams and businesses depending upon what they require. Here is how we help each one through our diverse formats.

Dedicated Classroom Training program

Onsite: To meet the needs & expectations of our corporate clients all over the world, our expert will travel all the way to your location to deliver the training program at a premise of your choice & convenience.

Offsite: Our client and Individual professionals across the world travel all the way to India to attend our classroom training sessions. We assist them in services like accommodation, Airport pick & drop, daily cab & Visa assistance.

Public Batches: Corporates & Individual professionals across the world can nominate their employees or themselves in our classroom or online public batches. Our public batches would have limited number of participants to ensure individual attention. As the participants are from different background and companies, you learn from everyone’s experience.

On-the-Job Learning:  Our team of consultant would help you to execute end-to-end project and simultaneously learn the technology.


Q: What are the various learning options or training mode available?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers customized solutions and training programmes for individuals, teams and businesses depending upon what they require. Here is how we help each one through our diverse formats.

Individuals / One-O-One Training 

Focused learning sessions

Programme scheduling according to your choice

Get personalized attention

Choose what technology interests you

Teams: Enrol for our Classroom or online Public Batches 

Get our specialized updated content for different skill levels

Get on-demand learning and solve problems quickly

Get help from the ground level through sequential learning


Get customized training programmes and solutions that can be curated especially for your business

Meet needs of all learners

Let your employees be geared up for all kinds of problem solving

Inspire your teams for future

Update your employees with latest information stretching from technology, business leadership to marketing


Q: Who will be the instructor of training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning has large pool of in-house certified trainers & consultants with strong background and working experience on the technology.

Radiant Techlearning offers more than 800+ courses and for each course Radiant have identified best-in-class instructors.

Radiant has highly intensive selection criteria for Technology Trainers & Consultants, who deliver you training programs. Our trainers & consultants undergo rigorous technical and behavioural interview and assessment process before they are on boarded in the company.

Our Technology experts / trainers & consultant carry deep dive knowledge in the technical subject & are certified from the OEM. Our faculty will provide you the knowledge of each course from fundamental level in an easy way and you are free to ask your doubts any time from your respective faculty.

Our trainers have patience and ability to explain difficult concepts in simplistic way with depth and width of knowledge.


Q: What is the schedule of the training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers training program on the weekday, weekend and a combination of weekdays and weekends.  You can always choose the schedule that best suits to your need.


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