In this Develop and Deploy Windows Applications on Google cloud course, professionals will learn how to deploy and run Microsoft Windows’ applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They will get to learn how to configure and run Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server in Google Compute Engine through course lectures and practical implementation. The course also aims to make students proficient in developing and deploying ASP.NET applications and deploying them to Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, and Google Container Engine.


Radiant Techlearning offers Develop and Deploy Windows Applications on Google cloud training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / Online mode.


Duration: 7 days


Learning Objectives

  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure


Audience Profile:

Software developers, system administrators, and IT professionals who are focused on Microsoft Windows

Course Content

This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Configuring Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server in Google Compute Engine
  • Deploying ASP.NET MVC applications to Google Compute Engine
  • Deploying .NET Core applications to Google Compute Engine, Google Compute Engine, and Google Container Engine Pre-requisites
  • System-administration or application-development experience with Microsoft Windows
  • A general familiarity with cloud computing

Module 1: Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

  • In this module, you will get to know the basics of Google Cloud Platform and how to create Windows virtual machines. You’ll learn about the structure and scope of GCP, GCP interfaces and options for Windows deployment on GCP.

Module 2: Windows Workloads on Google Compute Engine

  • You’ll learn about Google Compute Engine virtual machine options, integrating Active Directory with Google Compute Engine virtual machines, and running SQL Server in Google Compute Engine for high availability.

Module 3: Developing ASP.NET MVC applications

  • You’ll learn about the model-view-controller structure, using Microsoft Visual Studio’s Web Project template to develop in ASP.NET, and deploying applications to Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) in GCE.

Module 4: Configuring Resilient Workloads

  • You’ll learn about deploying instances across GCP zones, using instance groups to create pools of virtual machines, and load balancing Windows applications.

Module 5: Delivering Next-Generation ASP.NET Core on GCP

  • Finally, you’ll learn about .NET Core and EF Core, options for deploying ASP.NET Core applications on Google Cloud Platform, and how to deploy ASP.NET Core applications on Google Compute Engine, Google Container Engine, and Google App Engine.


Q: What is Google Anthos?


A: Anthos is user to combine the Google Cloud managed service Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), GKE On-Premise, and the Anthos Configuration Management console for unified administration, policies, and security across hybrid and multicloud Kubernetes deployments.


Q: Can you tell some uses of hybrid cloud?


A: Some of the common uses of hybrid cloud are listed below:-

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and also platform as a service (PaaS).
  • Private cloud and hybrid cloud.
  • Test and development.
  • Big data analytics.
  • File storage.
  • Disaster recovery.


Q: Why hybrid cloud are so important?


A: Cloud Bursting

Access capacity and specialized software are easily available in the public cloud but not in private cloud
Examples: Virtual Amazon and Dynamo

Leveraging the best of both worlds, there are hybrid clouds.



  • It is a VMware cloud.
  • It is expensive.
  • It gives enterprise quality.



  • It has commodity servers and storage.
  • It is less reliable.
  • We can run web servers on OpenStack.
  • the database is built on vCloud.


Q: What makes a cloud environment a hybrid cloud implementation?


A: Hybrid cloud computing enables an enterprise to deploy an on-premises private cloud to host sensitive or critical workloads, and mainly use a third-party public cloud provider to host less-critical resources, development and test workloads.


Q: Where is Radiant Techlearning Located?


A: Radiant Techlearning is headquartered in Electronic city & technology hub of Northern India, Noida, which is surrounded by several large multinational, medium & small Software companies.

We have our offices located all across the country and partners across the globe.


Q: Does this training program include any project?


A: Yes, Radiant will provide you the most updated, high valued and relevant real time projects and case studies in each training program.

We included projects in each training program from fundamental level to advance level so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in future. You will work on highly exciting projects and that will upgrade your skill, knowledge and industry experience.


Q:  How is the Radiant Techlearning verified certificate awarded?


A: Radiant awards course completion certificate to all the participants who have completed the training program which includes various real time projects, assignments, quizzes and some other tasks.  Once the course is done you would be assigned with a project which you would have to submit in 2 weeks’ time.

Radiant Techlearning experts will be evaluating the project on various parameter. To be eligible for the verified certificate you would have to score more than 60% marks.

Only after completion of these criteria you would be awarded with Radiant verified certificate and which the participants can use for their future job purpose.

Participants will be awarded with grades according to the following criteria:

  • 90% – 100% – AAA+
  • 80% – 90% – AA+
  • 70% – 80% – A+
  • 60% – 70% – A


Q: Is there any job assistant guarantee?


A: No. These training programs are helpful to improve your skills & knowledge on the technology which would help you to land in your dream job by learning them.

Our training program will maximize your ability and chances of getting a successful job. You have to select job according to your convenience. Your performance in the training program and interview is crucial for getting good job.


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