This training program teaches professionals to perform, essential and advanced, database authoritative undertakings utilizing Db2 11.1. These undertakings incorporate making and populating databases and actualizing a consistent structure to help recuperation prerequisites. The entrance systems chose by the Db2 Optimizer will be analysed utilizing the Db2 Explain devices. Different symptomatic strategies will be introduced, including utilizing different db2pd order alternatives. Understudies will figure out how to execute programmed recorded for database logs and how to design a diverted database re-establish to migrate either chosen table spaces or a whole database. The REBUILD alternative of RESTORE, which can fabricate a database duplicate with a subset of the tablespaces, will be talked about. We will likewise cover utilizing the TRANSPORT alternative of RESTORE to duplicate outlines of items between two Db2 databases. The determination of lists to improve application execution and the utilization of SQL articulations to follow database execution and wellbeing will be secured. This course gives a speedy beginning to Db2 database organization abilities for experienced social Database Administrators (DBA). The lab exhibits are performed utilizing DB2 LUW 11.1 for Linux. For some lab assignments, understudies will have the choice to finish the undertaking utilizing a DB2 order line processor, or utilizing the graphical interface gave by IBM Data Server Manager.
Radiant Techlearning offers Db2 11.1 Quickstart for Experienced Relational DBAs training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led/Online Mode.


Duration: 32 Hours


In order to benefit from this course, professionals should have prior:

  • Perform basic database administration tasks on a relational database system
  • Use basic OS functions such as utilities, file permissions, hierarchical file system, commands, and editor
  • State the functions of the Structured Query Language (SQL) and be able to construct DDL, DML, and authorization statements
  • Discuss basic relational database concepts and objects such as tables, indexes, views, and joins

Professionals should have prior knowledge in the following courses:

  • DB2 SQL Workshop
  • DB2 Fundamentals

Audience Profile

  • DBAs and Technical individuals

Course Details

  • Overview of Db2 11
  • Command Line Processor (CLP) and GUI Usage
  • The Db2 Environment
  • Creating Databases and Data Placement
  • Creating Database Objects
  • Moving Data
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Locks and Concurrency
  • Database Maintenance, Monitoring and Problem Determination
  • Security
  • Database Rebuild Support
  • Db2 Database and Table Space Relocation
  • Using Explain Tools
  • Using Indexes for Performance
  • Advanced Monitoring



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