This course is designed covering communication between apps and services. Professionals will learn how to create and manage their own APIs by using API Management, and how to use the different event- and message-based services in Azure within their development solutions. Throughout the course professionals learn how to create and integrate these resources by using the Azure Portal, Azure CLI, REST, and application code.


Radiant Techlearning offers Connect to and consume Azure and third-party services training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / online mode.


Duration: 1 Day 


To gain maximum out of this course, professionals should have:

  • Experience of 1-2 years’ as a developer. This course presumes professionals know how to code and have a fundamental knowledge of Azure. 
  • Some experience on PowerShell or Azure CLI and with at least one supported programming language of Azure.


Audience profile

Professionals in this course are interested in Azure development or in passing the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification exam.

Course Content

Module 1: Develop an App Service Logic App

This module covers Logic Apps which is utilized in building solutions to integrate systems, apps, data and services across organizations by automating tasks and business processes as workflows. This section discusses about what they are and how to create them.


  • Azure Logic Apps overview
  • Create Logic Apps by using Visual Studio
  • Create custom connectors for Logic Apps
  • Create custom templates for Logic Apps

This module will enable professionals to:

  • Understand how to create and manage Azure Logic Apps.


Module 2: Integrate Azure Search within solutions

Azure Search provides developers APIs and tools to add a rich search experience over private, heterogeneous content in mobile, web and enterprise apps. In this section professionals will learn how to integrate Azure Search in to their solutions.


  • Create and query an Azure Search Index
  • Full text search in Azure Search

This module will enable professionals to:

  • Provision the service, create an index, load data, and execute searches.


Module 3: API Management

API Management (APIM) is a feature that helps organizations in publishing APIs to external, partner, and internal developers to analyse the potential of their data and services.


  • Introduction to the API Management service
  • Securing your APIs
  • Defining API policies

This module will enable professionals to:

  • Provision the APIM service using the Azure Portal, secure APIs with subscriptions and client certificates, and use API policies to modify the behaviour of an API.


Module 4: Develop event-based solutions

This section discusses about developing event-based solutions in Azure by integrating Azure Event Grid, Event Hubs, and Notification Hubs in your applications.


  • Implement solutions that use Azure Event Grid
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Event Hubs
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Notification Hubs

This module will enable professionals to:

  • Know how the services work and how to integrate them in to their solutions.


Module 5: Develop message-based solutions

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a completely managed enterprise integration message broker. The most common use of Service Bus is to decouple applications and services from each other, and is a reliable and safe platform for asynchronous data and state transfer. Azure Queue storage is a feature for storing large numbers of messages that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with the help of authenticated calls using HTTP or HTTPS.


  • Implement solutions that use Azure Service Bus
  • Implement solutions that use Azure Queue Storage queues

This module will enable professionals to:

  • Understand how to leverage Azure message-based services in their solutions.



Q: What is azure consumption?


A: Azure consumption is the usage of products and/or services sourced through Microsoft Azure. As an organization migrates to Cloud, there’s a shift from Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) to Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) and Software-as-a-service (SAAS).


Q: What is azure cloudyn?


A: Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn is a software as a service (SaaS) cost management and monitoring tool for multi-cloud environments. Microsoft has said, however, that the tool will continue to work with both the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) public clouds, as well as Azure.


Q: What are the pre-requisites for this course?


A: Pre-requisites for this course are listed below:- 

  • Students should have 1-2 years experience as a developer. Students should know about how to code and have a fundamental knowledge of Azure.
  • It is recommended that students have some experience with PowerShell or Azure CLI, working in the Azure portal, and with at least one Azure-supported programming language. Most of the examples in this course are presented in C# .NET.


Q: Will I get course completion certificate?


A: The course completion certification would be awarded to all the professionals, who have completed the training program and the project assignment given by your instructor. 

You can use the certificate in your future job interviews will surely help you to land in your dream job.


Q: What is the infrastructure required to attend your training program?


A: To attend the training session you should have an operational Desktops or Laptops with required specification along with good internet connection to access the labs. 


Q: What if I miss a class on a particular day?


A: We would always recommend you to attend the live session to practice & clarify the doubts instantly and get more value from your investment. However, if due to some contingency if you have to skip the class Radiant Techlearning would help you with the recorded session of that particular day.  However, those recorded sessions are not meant only for personal consumption and NOT for distribution or any commercial use.


Q: How I will be accessing the labs?


A: Radiant Techlearning has a data center containing the Virtual Training environment for the purpose of participant’s hand-on-practice. 

Participants can easily access these labs over Cloud with the help of remote desktop connection. 

Radiant virtual labs provides you the flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world and in any time zone. 


Q: What kind of projects are included as a part of training?


A: The learners will be enthralled as we engage them the real world and industry Oriented projects during the training program. These projects will improve your skills and knowledge and you will gain better experience. These real time projects, they will help you a lot in your future tasks and assignments.


Q: How is the Radiant Techlearning verified certificate awarded?


A: Radiant awards course completion certificate to all the participants who have completed the training program which includes various real time projects, assignments, quizzes and some other tasks.  Once the course is done you would be assigned with a project which you would have to submit in 2 weeks’ time. 

Radiant Techlearning experts will be evaluating the project on various parameter. To be eligible for the verified certificate you would have to score more than 60% marks. 

Only after completion of these criteria you would be awarded with Radiant verified certificate and which the participants can use for their future job purpose. 

Participants will be awarded with grades according to the following criteria:

90% – 100% – AAA+

80% – 90% – AA+

70% – 80% – A+

60% – 70% – A



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