Marketing transformation, organization and growth starts here. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing, professionals can turn prospects into business relationships. Find and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond fundamental email marketing. Connect sales and automate processes, marketing and make smarter decisions to maximize your marketing ROI.
This training program will review the marketing application configuration needed to get started. It will also dive into lead scoring, management and creation. From there, the training program will cover creating marketing forms and pages. Then learn way to break up leads and contacts through segmentation to help focus marketing efforts. Next, acknowledge way to create email marketing messages using the advanced designer functionality. Then tie all the pieces together with the customer journey. Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows professionals to use customer journeys to create a model that helps professionals guide the members of a selected marketing segment through this process by using interactive decision points, automated messaging, activity generation, and more. Finally, learn way to view, acknowledge and manage customer insights.
Professionals get to know about all the settings and key functionality within Dynamics 365 for Marketing through custom demonstrations, check your knowledge questions and hands on learning labs.


Radiant Teachlearning offers Configure settings and core functionality in Dynamics 365 for Marketing Training Program in Classroom and Virtual instructor Led/Online mode.


Duration: 3 days


Learning Objectives

After completing this training program, professionals will be able to:

  • Configure advanced setting
  • Manage marketing content, templates and integrations
  • Create and manage leads
  • Assess sales readiness through lead scoring models
  • Design and create marketing forms and pages
  • Create and manage segments, subscription centers, lists and double opt in
  • Design and create email messages
  • Set up and launch customer journeys
  • View, acknowledge and mange customer insights


Before attending this training program, students must have:

  • An acknowledging of the fundamental of Dynamics 365 and knowledge of marketing principles, strategies and procedures


Audience Profile

This training program is designed for IT or marketing professionals who want to learn way to leverage Dynamics 365 for Marketing for businesses.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Marketing Application Configuration

In this lesson, professionals will learn about advanced settings, marketing content, templates and integrations in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


  • Configure advanced settings
  • Manage marketing content and templates
  • Manage LinkedIn and Power BI integrations

After completing this lesson, professionals will be able to:

  • Configure advanced settings such as organization, business management, content, marketing and event settings
  • Manage marketing content and templates


Lesson 2: Leads

This lesson will review way to create, manage and score leads.


  • Create and manage leads
  • Assess Sales Readiness

After completing this lesson, professionals will be able to:

  • Create and manage leads
  • Synchronize leads from LinkedIn
  • Assess sales readiness using lead scoring models


Lesson 3: Marketing Forms and Pages

This lesson will cover way to create marketing forms and pages.


  • Create marketing forms
  • Create marketing pages
  • Manage internet marketing

After completing this lesson, professionals will be able to:

  • Create marketing forms and embed them on marketing pages
  • Create a marketing page
  • Preview, validate and go live with a marketing page
  • Create marketing form and page templates


Lesson 4: Segments and Lists

This lesson will cover way to maintain and manage subscription centers, segments , lists and double opt-in.

After completing this lesson, professionals will be able to:

  • Configure static and dynamic segments
  • Create a subscription list
  • Set up a subscription center page
  • Set up and enable a double opt-in process


Lesson 5: Marketing Emails

This lesson will cover way to create email messages in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


  • Create Email Message

After completing this lesson, professionals will be able to:

  • Create and design email messages
  • Preview, validate and go live with email messages
  • Save an email message as a template


Lesson 6: Customer Journeys

This lesson will review the customer journey creation process.


  • Create customer journeys

After completing this lesson, professionals will be able to:

  • Create a customer journey from a template
  • Identify customer journey tiles and properties
  • Validate and go live with a customer journey
  • Create an account-based customer journey
  • Acknowledge the marketing calendar features


Lesson 7: Insights

This lesson will demonstrate way to view, acknowledge and manage customer insights.


  • Marketing insights
  • Customer insights
  • Marketing execution insights
  • Lead management insights
  • Internet marketing insights

After completing this lesson, professionals will be able to:

  • Locate insights
  • Acknowledge marketing insights such as contact, segment, customer journey, marketing email, lead, lead scoring, marketing form, marketing page, website and redirect URL


Q: What are the benefits of Dynamics 365?


A: The business benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are: 

  • Added Flexibility: with Applications included that fit all types of industries and businesses. …
  • Productive: Dynamics 365 enables seamless productivity by integrating familiar products like Outlook and Excel and surfacing them in the context of business processes, roles and jobs.


Q: How do I access settings in Dynamics 365?


A: Select “Advanced Settings”: You’ll be redirected to the classic Settings area and navigation: To head back, select the arrow next to “Dynamics 365”, then select the appropriate application.


Q: What are system settings?


A: The Android System Settings menu allows you to control most aspects of your device everything from establishing a new Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, to installing a third-party onscreen keyboard, to adjusting system sounds and screen brightness.


Q: What is allow modify system settings?

A: To appease power users by giving apps like Tasker more capabilities, there’s a permission called “Modify System Settings” that can be granted. If an app has this permission so it can easily change various Android options like your screen timeout duration.


Q: What are the various learning options or training mode available?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers customized solutions and training programmes for individuals, teams and businesses depending upon what they require. Here is how we help each one through our diverse formats.

Individuals / One-O-One Training 

  • Focused learning sessions
  • Programs scheduling according to your choice
  • Get personalized attention
  • Choose what technology interests you


Teams: Enroll for our Classroom or online Public Batches 

  • Get our specialized updated content for different skill levels
  • Get on-demand learning and solve problems quickly
  • Get help from the ground level through sequential learning


  • Get customized training programmes and solutions that can be curated especially for your business
  • Meet needs of all learners
  • Let your employees be geared up for all kinds of problem solving
  • Inspire your teams for future
  • Update your employees with latest information stretching from technology, business leadership to marketing


Q: Who will be the instructor of training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning has large pool of in-house certified trainers & consultants with strong background and working experience on the technology. 

Radiant Techlearning offers more than 800+ courses and for each course Radiant have identified best-in-class instructors. 

Radiant has highly intensive selection criteria for Technology Trainers & Consultants, who deliver you training programs. Our trainers & consultants undergo rigorous technical and behavioral interview and assessment process before they are on boarded in the company. 

Our Technology experts / trainers & consultant carry deep dive knowledge in the technical subject & are certified from the OEM. Our faculty will provide you the knowledge of each course from fundamental level in an easy way and you are free to ask your doubts any time from your respective faculty.

Our trainers have patience and ability to explain difficult concepts in simplistic way with depth and width of knowledge.


Q: What is the schedule of the training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers training program on the weekday, weekend and a combination of weekdays and weekends. You can always choose the schedule that best suits to your need. 


Q: When the training would be conducted?


A: Once we receive your enrollment request, we will share the enrollment details with you to select and complete the enrollment process. 

You can always email us on the below email address (whichever applicable) to know the upcoming schedule for a specific technology training program. 



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