Build an IBM Case Manager Solution (V5.3.2 training program will help professionals to make essential case the management solutions with IBM Case Manager Builder and Process Designer. Utilizing an iterative solution development process, professionals will make, send, test, and change professional answers, adding intricacy and usefulness to professionals’ answers as professionals gain aptitudes. Professionals will make properties and record classes, arrange jobs and in-containers, and characterize case stages. Professionals will work with case types, assignments, and work processes. This course remembers a few rules for solution plan standards. Subsequent to finishing this course, professionals can expand on these aptitudes by taking further developed or concentrated courses in security, UI customization, and solution organization.
Radiant Techlearning offers Build an IBM Case Manager Solution (V5.3.2) training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led/Online Mode.


Duration: 8 Hours


Learning Objectives

On completion of this course, professionals should be able to:

  • Create properties and document classes
  • Create roles and in-baskets
  • Build and deploy a solution
  • Create a case type and tasks
  • Create a workflow
  • Use preconditions and sets
  • Automate case packaging
  • Add case stages
  • Apply solution design principles


In order to benefit from this course, professionals should have prior knowledge in:

  • Knowledge of Case Manager concepts, such as case management, case, solution, task.
  • The ability to identify parts of a solution.
  • or IBM Case Manager Essentials V5.3.2 (classroom)(F2900G)
  • or IBM Case Manager Essentials V5.3.2 (self-paced) (F2909G)

Audience Profile

  • Solution Architects
  • Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • System Administrators,

Course Details

Module 1 Build and deploy a solution

  • Build a solution
  • Deploy a solution
  • Test a solution
  • Manage roles
  • Redeploy a solution

Module 2 Create properties and document classes

  • Create case properties
  • Create task properties
  • Create a business object
  • Create document classes

Module 3 Create roles and in-baskets

  • Create roles
  • Create in-baskets

Module 4 Create tasks

  • Create a to-do task
  • Create a container task
  • Add the to-do list widget to the Case Details page

Module 5 Create a step map

  • Open a task in Step Designer
  • Create a step map
  • Add a workgroup to a step map
  • Add an attachment to a step map

Module 6 Use preconditions and sets

  • Organize tasks with preconditions
  • Organize tasks with inclusive sets
  • Organize tasks with exclusive sets

Module 7 Automate case packaging

  • Open a task in Process Designer
  • Add a component step to a task
  • Use a component step to package a case

Module 8 Add case stages

  • Add case stages to a solution
  • Use a system step to perform a case stage operation
  • Use a case stage as a task precondition

Module 9 Solution design principles

  • Describe solution design principles



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