BOD410 – SAP Lumira Designer – Basic Training course will prepare professionals to create applications for desktop clients and mobile devices using SAP Lumira 2.3 Designer (previously known as SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio)


Radiant Techlearning offers BOD410 – SAP Lumira Designer – Basic Training training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / Online mode.


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Audience Profile

  • Application Consultant

Course Details

Module 1: Positioning and Architecture

Module 2: Creating an Application

  • Understanding and Using the Format LUMX
  • Creating an Application with Online Data Access
  • Creating a Basic Application
  • Using Filter Components
  • Using Data Bound Component Properties
  • Using Scorecards
  • Using Structural Elements for Design
  • Using Composites
  • Describing Interoperability Between BI Clients

Module 3: Defining Layouts and Formats

  • Using Standard and Custom Templates
  • Working with Themes, CSS Formatting, and the Embedded CSS Editor
  • Using Conditional Formatting Setting Components

Module 4: Advanced Design Techniques

  • Describing the Script Editor
  • Defining the Navigation Behavior of Basic Components
  • Using Conditional Statements in Scripts
  • Using Metadata and Single Values in Documents
  • Using Variables in Scripting
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Describing Commentary Functionality
  • Accessing Application on Mobile Devices
  • Using the Adaptive Layout Container
  • Using Movable Components

Module 5: Optimizing Applications ono Mobile Devices

  • Accessing Application on Mobile Devices
  • Using the Adaptive Layout Container
  • Using Movable Components
  • Optimizing Components for Mobile Devices


Q: What do you mean by SAP Lumira?


A: SAP Lumira is known as a visual intelligence tool to create and visualize stories on dataset. SAP Lumira was previously known as Visual Intelligence tool. In it we could easily create stories and visualize data to provide graphical details of the data.


Q: What are the different types of charts available in Lumira?


A:  The different charts are:

Comparison −

  • Bar Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Radar Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Heat map

Percentage −

  • Pie Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Tree
  • Funnel Chart

Correlation −

  • Scatter Plot
  • Bubble Chart
  • Network Chart
  • Numeric Point
  • Tree

Trend −

  • Line Chart
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Box Plot
  • Parallel Coordinates Chart

Geographic −

  • Geo Bubble Chart
  • Geo Choropleth Chart
  • Geo Pie Chart
  • Geo Map

Q: What type of infrastructure is required to attend your training?

A:  To attend the training session you should have an operational Desktops or Laptops with required specification along with good internet connection to access the labs.

Q: What are the various platforms through which the data can be presented to different applications?


A: Various platforms are:

  • SAP Business Object BI Platform
  • SAP Business Object Explorer
  • SAP Lumira Server
  • SAP Community Network(SCN)


Q:  How is the Radiant Techlearning verified certificate awarded?


A: Radiant awards course completion certificate to all the participants who have completed the training program which includes various real time projects, assignments, quizzes and some other tasks.  Once the course is done you would be assigned with a project which you would have to submit in 2 weeks’ time.

Radiant Techlearning experts will be evaluating the project on various parameter. To be eligible for the verified certificate you would have to score more than 60% marks.

Only after completion of these criteria you would be awarded with Radiant verified certificate and which the participants can use for their future job purpose.

Participants will be awarded with grades according to the following criteria:

  • 90% – 100% – AAA+
  • 80% – 90% – AA+
  • 70% – 80% – A+
  • 60% – 70% – A


Q: What are the features of Lumira?


A: The key features are:

  • It allows you to predict future outcomes and forecast as per the changing market situations.
  • Using multiple data sources you can create data visualizations and stories .
  • It helps you to create stories with visualizations.
  • You can share the visualizations on different platforms like SAP HANA, BO Explorer, Business Objects BI Platform, etc.


Q: What kind of projects are included as a part of training?


A:  The learners will be enthralled as we engage them the real world and industry Oriented projects during the training program. These projects will improve your skills and knowledge and you will gain better experience. These real time projects, they will help you a lot in your future tasks and assignments.


Q: What all functions can be performed after the dataset is created in SAP Lumira?


A: Some of the functions are:

  • Preparethe data for visualizations
  • Visualizedata as charts and stories
  • Sharevisualizations and data sets


Q: What if I/we have doubts after attending your training session?


A: Radiant team of experts would be available on the email Support@radianttechlearning.comto answer your technical queries, even after the training program.

We also conduct a 3 – 4 hours online session after 2 weeks of the training program, to respond on your queries & project assigned to you.


Q: Where is Radiant Techlearning Located?


A: Radiant Techlearning is headquartered in Electronic city & technology hub of Northern India, Noida, which is surrounded by several large multinational, medium & small Software companies.

We have our offices located all across the country and partners across the globe.

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