BigInsights Analytics for Programmers training program is intended to help software engineers who are working with IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights. Composing programs that extricate information from unstructured content can be an overwhelming assignment. Professionals will figure out how to make annotators using IBM’s Annotation Query Language (AQL). Breaking down information utilizing Apache’s Hadoop ordinarily requires that MapReduce programs be composed. Experts will figure out how to utilize Jaql to make significant level projects that are decayed into Hadoop MapReduce programs. Professionals acquainted with the Hadoop innovation know about other open-source items that are utilized in this condition. This course will give professionals an establishment to program utilizing the Apache Pig language. There is likewise a review of ZooKeeper, HBase, and Hive. One of the capacities of the BigInsights Web Console is the capacity to streamline the summon of Hadoop applications. This course tells the best way to distribute a book investigation application from the BigInsights improvement condition to a BigInsights server.
Radiant Techlearning offers BigInsights Analytics for Programmers training program in Classroom & Virtual Training Instructor Led/Online Mode.


Duration: 16 Hours


Learning Objectives

On competition of this course, professionals should be able to:

  • Describe the AQL data model
  • Use AQL to create annotators
  • List the different extractors used to create AQL views
  • Describe how Jaql is used in a BigInsights environment
  • Code Jaql core operators to manipulate JSON data
  • Explain how to use SQL in Jaql
  • Describe how Apache’s Pig can be used in a BigInsights environment
  • Use Pig core operators to analyse Hadoop data
  • Explain how ZooKeeper can be used to manage barriers or queues
  • Compare HBase to a Relational Database Management System
  • Publish an application to a BigInsights server


In order to benefit from this course, professionals should have prior knowledge in the following courses:

  • IBM DB2 OLAP Server Administration and Performance Tuning (DW610) or equivalent knowledge
  • A programming background would be advantageous especially knowledge of SQL

Audience Profile

  • IBM Annotation Query Language (AQL), Jaql or Pig aspirants

Course Details

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Programming for BigInsights
  • Annotation Query Language
  • AQL – Validating Results
  • Jaql
  • Introduction to Apache Pig
  • Publish a Text Analytics Application to the Web Console


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