AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional is designed for professionals who learned  with designing scalable plus elastic applications on the AWS platform. Developing on concepts introduced in Architecting on AWS, this program covers how to build complex solutions which incorporate data services, governance, and security on AWS. The program introduces specialized AWS services, including AWS Direct Connect and AWS Storage Gateway to support Hybrid architecture. It also covers designing best practices for developing scalable, elastic, secure, and highly available applications on AWS.

Radiant Techlearning offers “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional” training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / Online mode.


Duration: 3 days


Hands-On Activity

The program allows professionals to test new skills and apply knowledge to the working environment through a number of practical exercises.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this program, professionals will be able to:

  • Apply AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Manage multiple AWS accounts for the organization
  • Connect on-premises datacenter to the AWS cloud
  • Discuss billing implications of connecting the multi-region VPCs
  • Move large data from the on-premises datacenter to AWS
  • Design the large datastores for AWS cloud
  • Knowing various architectural designs for the scaling a large website
  • Protect the infrastructure from DDoS attack
  • Secure the data on AWS with encryption
  • Design protection of data-at-rest as well as data-in-flight
  • Enhance performance of solutions
  • Select an appropriate AWS deployment mechanism


We recommend that attendees of this program have the following prerequisites:

  • Attended Architecting on AWS
  • Achieved AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate


Audience Profile

The program is deliberated for individuals who are experienced with designing scalable and elastic applications on the AWS platform.

Course Details

The program covers the following concepts:

Day 1

  • Architecting on the AWS Review
  • AWS Account Management
  • Advanced Networking on the AWS
  • Deployment Management on the AWS
  • Develop a Hybrid Architecture

Day 2

  • Optimize the use of Amazon S3
  • Leverage Amazon ElastiCache to handle also store data at scale
  • Develop a Failover Solution with Amazon Route 53 along with Amazon RDS Read   Replication
  • AWS Snowball
  • Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Backing up plus archiving data on AWS
  • Migrating databases into AWS
  • Designing for the Big Data
  • Amazon DynamoDB for the Big Data
  • DynamoDB Streams
  • DynamoDB for  the Big Data Design Patterns
  • Design for the Large Scale Applications
  • Deployment with the Elastic Beanstalk

Day 3

  • Develop Resilient Architectures Part A
  • CloudFront Content Delivery along withAutomating WAF Rules
  • Encryption plus data security
  • KMS Envelope Encryption



Q: What type of audience is expected for this training?


A: The program is deliberated for individuals who are experienced with designing scalable and elastic applications on the AWS platform.


Q: What are the prerequisites for the training?


A: This training is beneficial for the following professionals: –

  • Attended Architecting on AWS
  • Achieved AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate


Q: Does the AWS security handles the DDos?


A: DDoS attacks are detected in a system that automatically baselines the excess traffic, identifies anomalies and if necessary,creates mitigations.


Q: What is meant by big data services?


A: Big data as a service (BDaaS) is the disclosure of statistical analytics or information by an outsider that helps organizations to understand and implement the insights gained from large information sets in order to gain the advantage.


Q: What is AWS data lake?


A: A data lake is a centralized and secured repository that stores all your data, both in its original form and prepared for analysis.


Q: What are the various methods off data storage in AWS?


A: There are three methods of data storages namely: –

  • Object storage
  • File storage
  • Block storage


Q: Why one should prefer Radiant Techlearning ?


A: Radiant believes in practical and creative approach to training and development which distinguishes it from the other training and developmental platforms. Moreover training courses are undertaken by some of the experts who are having vast range of experience in their domain.


Q: What if I/we have doubts after attending your training program?


A: Radiant team of experts would be available on the e-mail to answer your technical queries even after the training program.


Q: Does this training program include any project?


A: Yes, Radiant will provide you most updated high value and relevant real time projects and case studies in each training program.


Q: If I face technical difficulty during the session then is there any remedy for that?


A: Technical issues are unpredictable and might occur with us as well.   Participants have to ensure that they have access to the required configuration with good internet speed.


Q: What is schedule of training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers training programs on weekday, weekend and combination of weekday and weekend.  We provide you complete liberty to choose the schedule that suits to your need.

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