Adobe Experience Manager is a marketing software used to create and manage the content of rich responsive web experiences. It’s important because it allows businesses to manage all sites on a single platform, increasing efficiency, reducing QA time and other complexities. AEM is used by Content Managers, Business Marketing Managers, Content Authors and Digital Marketers


Radiant Techlearning offers “AEM Training” training program in Classroom & Virtual Instructor Led / Online mode.


Duration: 2 days


It is recommended that you have basic HTML, CSS, & Javascript knowledge.

Course Content

AEM Introduction

  • Introduction to CMS
  • Introduction to Technology Stack – JCR, OSGi, Felix, Oak
  • Resource Resolution- Sling, Hamburger ArchitectureConcepts& Definitions

AEM Development – Sites

  • Installing AEM– Author & Publish | Runmodes
  • AEM Consoles | AEM Authoring – Basics
  • AEM Web Consoles | Administrative Interfaces | Developer Community
  • OSGi Framework | Architecture Stack
  • Content Repository | JCR & Oak
  • Web Framework | Rest Framework – Apache Sling .
  • Introduction to Headless CMS – AEM Content-as-a-service (CaaS)
  • Scripting Language – Sightly
  • AEM Authoring Framework – Deep Dive
  • Exercise: Managing Templates
  • Exercise: Creating Pages
  • Exercise: Creating component and design
  • Exercise: Focus of various AEM dialog boxes and design
  • Exercise: Integration on slightly in components
  • Exercise: Focus on Java Backend – Create and Use Sling Models
  • Exercise: Focus on Frontend – Create and use client libraries
  • Exercise: Focus on Frontend – Create Responsive designs
  • Exercise: Deep Dive into Components – Complex dialogs and rendition logic
  • Deep Dive into Backend OSGi Components – Sling Servlets and Workflows
  • AEM MSM – Blueprints and Live copy
  • AEM Environment – Package Manager, Monitoring Tools, Deployments
  • More into AEM Developer Tools for debugging

AEM Development – Assets

  • Asset Uploading – Create a Better Structure
  • Metadata processing of assets
  • Asset renditions – create custom renditions
  • Understanding DAM Asset Upload Workflow
  • Using Assets tools for developers

AEM Administration

  • Install Apache into local machine
  • Learn what is dispatcher and why caching is important
  • Exercise: Install and configure dispat c her
  • Exercise: Manage Filters and caching
  • Exercise: Create multiple vhosts
  • Exercise: Know how dispatcher can be used as load -balancer



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