This training program with structured hands-on activities focuses on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) fundamental building blocks such as features, site pages, application pages, custom list types, Web Parts, content types, site columns, custom workflows and site definitions. Professionals will also learn to assemble and configure business solutions by using and extending the portal as well as web content management features of MOSS and other server-side services like Business Data

Catalog, Forms Services, Excel Services and Report Center.

Radiant Techlearning offers 50064C: Advanced SharePoint Development training program in Classroom and Virtual Instructor led/Online mode.


Duration: 5 days


Learning Objectives

On completion of this training program, candidates will be able to learn to extend many of the core features provided by WSS. These consist of event handlers, site definitions, features, solutions as well as web parts.


Prior to attending this course it is important that:

  • Attendees must have professional development experience with Visual Studio 2005, the .NET 2.0 Framework as well as ASP.NET 2.0. They should also be acquainted with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and InfoPath.

Audience Profile

This training program is signed for all those professionals who are looking to develop SharePoint customizations at a core level. This includes event handlers, features, site definitions, web parts, timer jobs as well as workflows.

Course Content

Module 1: Overview

Lab: SiteDefinitions

Module 2: Custom Authentication


  • Debugging SharePoint
  • NET Providers
  • Single Sign On

Lab: Custom Authentication

Lab: Single SignOn

Lab: Debugging SharePoint

Module 3: SharePoint Permissions


  • SharePoint Security

Lab: SharePoint Permissions

Lab: Security Trimmed Interface

Lab: SP Security

Module 4: In Browser SharePoint Customization


  • Web Content Management
  • In-Browser Customization

Lab: In Browser SharePoint Customization

Module 5: Basic SharePoint Designer


  • Basic SharePoint Designer

Lab: Basic SharePoint Designer

Module 6: Advanced SharePoint Designer


  • Backup & Restore
  • Reports
  • Data Views

Lab: Advanced SharePoint Designer

Module 7: Content Types


  • Content Types

Lab: Content Types

Module 8: Custom Site Definitions


  • Site Definitions

Lab: Custom Site Definitions

Lab: Themes

Lab: Templates

Lab: MS40

Module 9: Features


  • Features

Lab: Features

Lab: Solutions

Module 10: Object Model


  • Object Model

Lab: Object Model

Lab: SharePoint Web Development

Module 11: Web Services


  • Web Services

Lab: Web Services API

Module 12: SharePoint RPC


  • RPC Protocols

Lab: SharePoint RPC

Module 13: Web Parts


  • Web Parts

Lab: Web Parts

Lab: Web Parts Connections Old

Lab: Web Parts

Lab: Filter Web Parts

Lab: Web Parts Connections New

Module 14: Client Side Scripts AJAX SilverLight


  • Client Side Scripts

Lab: Client Side Scripts AJAX

Module 15: Custom Field Types


  • Field Types

Lab: Custom Field Types

Module 16: SharePoint Events Timer Jobs


  • SharePoint Timer Jobs
  • SharePoint Events

Lab: SharePoint Events

Lab: Custom Timer Job

Lab: SharePoint Events_Encrypt

Module 17: Shared Services


  • Shared Services

Lab: Shared Services

Lab: Web Services API

Module 18: Workflows with SharePoint Designer


  • Extending Designer
  • WSS/MOSS Workflows
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows

Lab: MOSS Workflows

Lab: Built In Activities

Lab: Looping Workflow

Lab: Custom Activities

Lab: Custom Conditions

Lab: Migration Workflow

Module 19: Workflows with VisualStudio


  • Visual Studio Workflows

Lab: Custom Workflow

Module 20: Localization


  • Localization

Lab: Localization

Module 21: Excel Services


  • Excel Services

Lab: Excel Services

Lab: Excel Services WS

Module 22: Business Data Catalog


  • Business Data Catalog

Lab: Business Data Catalog

Lab: BDC_Single Sign On

Lab : BDC Web Services

Module 23: Business Intelligence


  • Business Intelligence

Lab: Business Intelligence


Q: What is meant by SharePoint development?


A: SharePoint developers generally create as well as configure SharePoint websites, finding solutions to enhance business activity and customizing sites which is mainly based on the client’s requirements. SharePoint developers generally work a full-time schedule in an office-based atmosphere, although overtime may sometimes be needed.


Q: What are the skills required for SharePoint developer?


A: Here are some of the technical skills of a seasoned SharePoint Developer:

  • SharePoint Developermust possess excellent Communication Skills
  • Programming Skills
  • Developing Web-parts to ease end users need
  • Knowledgeof Industry Specific Processes
  • Microsoft Certification helps to an extent
  • Basic Web Designing Skills


Q: What are the features of SharePoint?


A: SharePoint allows for viewing and editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from within a web browser, and it allows users to tap into the advanced features available in Microsoft Office applications. For example, the PowerPivot feature of Excel provides the ability to create complex computations, models and reports.


Q: Is there any EMI option?


A: Yes, you can easily choose an EMI option through your credit card or Debit card.


Q: What is the mode of payment?


A: You can submit payment to Radiant by:

  • Debit or credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Google pay


Q: What is your refund policy?


A: In case of Radiant Techlearning solutions cancel an event, 100% of course fee will be refunded to the participant.

We provide best-in-class training programs to our clients with large number of services. Radiant also believe in taking feedback from its clients time to time. If you face any kind of difficulty you can freely discuss with us. However due to some reason if your expectations are not met. We do have refund policy in which Radiant will refund your payment within 7 days. To get the refund you have to inform us about your concern before 20% completion of the training program.


Q: What will be the fees of the course?


A: To know about the fees details you can email us on with your requirement in details containing the below information

In case of Self / Individual

  • Training Program
    Training Mode (Online/ Classroom)
  • Location (in case of classroom):
  • Background (Education/ Technology/ Year of experience, etc. )
  • Training Timeline

In case of Corporate Training

  • Training Program
  • No. of Participants
    Training Mode (Online/ Classroom)
  • Location (in case of classroom):
  • Participant’s Background (Education/ Technology/ Year of experience, etc. )
  • Training Timeline
  • Expectations form the training program
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