This three-day MTA Training course helps you prepare for Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-363, and build an understanding of these following topics:

  • Programming Web Applications
  • Working with Data and Services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Debugging Web Applications
  • Working with Client-Side Scripting
  • Configuring
  • Deploying Web Applications

This training program leverages the same content as found in Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) for this exam.


Radiant Teachlearning offers Web Development Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-363 Training Program in Classroom and Virtual instructor Led/Online mode.


Duration: 3 days


Learning Objectives

After accomplishing this course, students will be able to:

  • Program Web Applications
  • Work with Data and Services
  • Troubleshoot and Debug Web Applications
  • Work with Client-Side Scripting
  • Configure and Deploy Web Applications


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Audience Profile

The Microsoft Technology Associate is new suite from Microsoft technology certification exams that validate basic acknowledging required to begin building a career using Microsoft technologies. This training program provides entry point to future career in technology as well as assumes some hands on experience or training but does not assume on the job experience.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating a Web Page


Lesson 2: Creating an Interactive Web Page


Lesson 3: Working with Data Objects, WCF, and XML


Lesson 4: Working with Data


Lesson 5: Working with Client-Side Scripting


Lesson 6: Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Applications


Lesson 7: Configuring and Deploying Web Applications


Q: What is meant by web development?


A: Web development is the building and maintenance of websites; it’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience. Web developers, or ‘devs’, do this by using a variety of coding languages.


Q: What are the types of Web development?


A: The Three Types of Web Developers and i.e.

  • The Front-End Developer 
  • The Back-End Developer 
  • The Full-Stack Developer


Q: Is Web developer a good career?

A: If you’d rather stick to just the one thing, web development is great for those wanting to become an expert. Whether it’s JavaScript, CSS or HTML a career in web development mainly allows user to focus on areas user enjoy and excel at, essentially becoming a leader in their field.


Q: What skills do you need to be a web developer?


A: Here are some of the most common skills to have in this role:

  • HTML/CSS skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Responsive design skills.
  • JavaScript skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Testing and debugging skills.
  • Back-end basics.
  • Search engine optimization.


Q: How I will be accessing the labs?


A: Radiant Techlearning has a data center containing the Virtual Training environment for the purpose of participant’s hand-on-practice. 

Participants can easily access these labs over Cloud with the help of remote desktop connection. 

Radiant virtual labs provides you the flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world and in any time zone. 


Q: What kind of projects are included as a part of training?


A: The learners will be enthralled as we engage them the real world and industry Oriented projects during the training program. These projects will improve your skills and knowledge and you will gain better experience. These real time projects, they will help you a lot in your future tasks and assignments.


Q: How is the Radiant Techlearning verified certificate awarded?


A: Radiant awards course completion certificate to all the participants who have completed the training program which includes various real time projects, assignments, quizzes and some other tasks.  Once the course is done you would be assigned with a project which you would have to submit in 2 weeks’ time. 

Radiant Techlearning experts will be evaluating the project on various parameter. To be eligible for the verified certificate you would have to score more than 60% marks. 

Only after completion of these criteria you would be awarded with Radiant verified certificate and which the participants can use for their future job purpose. 

Participants will be awarded with grades according to the following criteria:

90% – 100% – AAA+

80% – 90% – AA+

70% – 80% – A+

60% – 70% – A


Q: Is there any job assistant guarantee?


A: No. These training programs are helpful to improve your skills & knowledge on the technology which would help you to land in your dream job by learning them. 

Our training program will maximize your ability and chances of getting a successful job. You have to select job according to your convenience. Your performance in the training program and interview is crucial for getting good job.


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