This three-day MTA Training course helps you prepare for Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-362, and build an understanding of these following topics:

  • Windows Programming Basics
  • Creating Windows Forms Applications
  • Creating Windows Services Applications
  • Accessing Data in a Windows Forms Application
  • Deploying a Windows Application

This training program leverages the same content as found in Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) for this exam.


Radiant Teachlearning offers Windows Development Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-362 Training Program in Classroom and Virtual instructor Led/Online mode.


Duration: 3 days


Learning Objectives

After accomplishing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand Windows Programming Basics
  • Create Windows Services Applications
  • Create Windows Services Applications
  • Access Data in a Windows Forms Application
  • Deploy a Windows Application


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Audience Profile

The Microsoft Technology Associate is new suite from Microsoft technology certification exams that validate basic acknowledging required to begin building a career using Microsoft technologies. This training program provides entry point to future career in technology as well as assumes some hands on experience or training but does not assume on the job experience.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introducing Windows Applications


Lesson 2: Creating a Windows App Project in Visual Studio


Lesson 3: Creating a Windows Forms User Interface


Lesson 4: Controlling Application Execution


Lesson 5: Validating User Input


Lesson 6: Integrating Data


Lesson 7: Packaging and Deploying Windows Applications


Q: What skills we will gain by this course?


A: By doing this course you will gain the following skills:-

  • Understand Windows Programming Basics
  • Create Windows Services Applications
  • Access Data in a Windows Forms Application
  • Deploy a Windows Application


Q: Is Windows good for development?


A: Yes, it’s a great platform for developing web sites and native windows apps, especially if you use Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. A good option here is to bootcamp a Mac and run windows as your primary OS on it. But then boot to Mac OS to do the apple stuff.


Q: How do I deploy an application?


A: To deploy an application user have to follow the given steps:- 

  • In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Software Library workspace, expand Application Management, and select either the Applications or Application Groups node.
  • Select an application or application group from the list to deploy. In the ribbon, click Deploy.


Q: What is a Windows service application?


A: Microsoft Windows services, formerly known as NT services, enable you to create long-running executable applications that run in their own Windows sessions. In general, these services can be automatically started when the computer boots, can be paused and restarted, and also do not show any kind of user interface.


Q: What is the schedule of the training program?


A: Radiant Techlearning offers training program on the weekday, weekend and a combination of weekdays and weekends. You can always choose the schedule that best suits to your need. 


Q: When the training would be conducted?


A: Once we receive your enrollment request, we will share the enrollment details with you to select and complete the enrollment process. 

You can always email us on the below email address (whichever applicable) to know the upcoming schedule for a specific technology training program. 




Q: Will I get course completion certificate?


A: The course completion certification would be awarded to all the professionals, who have completed the training program and the project assignment given by your instructor. 

You can use the certificate in your future job interviews will surely help you to land in your dream job.


Q: What is the infrastructure required to attend your training program?


A: To attend the training session you should have an operational Desktops or Laptops with required specification along with good internet connection to access the labs. 


Q: What if I miss a class on a particular day?


A: We would always recommend you to attend the live session to practice & clarify the doubts instantly and get more value from your investment. However, if due to some contingency if you have to skip the class Radiant Techlearning would help you with the recorded session of that particular day.  However, those recorded sessions are not meant only for personal consumption and NOT for distribution or any commercial use.


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